Ten Fun And Free Things To Do On A Vacation To Toronto

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One of the top cities in North America, in terms of offering a true international experience, has got to be Toronto.  Toronto has a number of attractions that involve outdoor recreation, tourist attractions, historic sites, museums, landmarks, shopping, dining, and more.  Toronto is also very near to a number of great things to see and do including Niagara Falls, Algonquin Provincial Park, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie.  There are also a great many free things to do while vacationing in Toronto, that is if a traveler knows where to look.  Here is a list of just ten of the fun and free things to do on a vacation in Toronto.

Not the most famous Chinatown in the world, but Toronto’s Chinatown area is a vibrant city within a city that features great restaurants and an atmosphere the rest of the city cannot match.  There are a number of great shops in Toronto’s Chinatown where goods can be purchased that are not available anywhere else, some even made right there in the district.  People watching and walking through the local streets is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Riverdale Farm
A local working farm that is located right in the middle of downtown Toronto, Riverdale Farm charges no admission and welcomes guests all day long.  Walking through the farm is like walking into history as it does it’s best to recreate what life was like on an early 1900s farm in the region.  Guests can walk the grounds of the farm freely, see the animals, and watch the workers do their daily chores.

Allan Gardens Conservatory
One of the top gardens in the city of Toronto can be found at the Allan Gardens Conservatory.  Here guests can meander through the immaculately manicured landscape and view some of the prettiest flowers around.  There are a great many species of plants and flowers growing in the facility that are not native to the Toronto area and actually are more common growing in other places around the globe.

The Harbourfront
One of the most underrated places to visit in the city of Toronto is the Harbourfront.  This waterfront area sits right on the shore of Lake Ontario and visitors can catch glimpses of major shipping operations transporting their cargo into or out of the port.  There are nearby wetlands that come as a big surprise in such a major metropolitan city.  The view from the Harbourfront in Toronto is absolutely gorgeous.

The Beaches
Every vacationer loves to take a moment and venture out to beach area now and then.  There is just so much to see, do, and experience at fun and playful beach locations.  The Beaches in Toronto is a well developed, but still naturally beautiful, area of the city’s waterfront on Lake Ontario.  Here visitors can sunbathe, swim, as well as go for walks, jogs, or bike rides on the area’s boardwalk.  The commercial development nearby makes for great shopping too.

The Distillery Historic District
One of the best places to go to get a look at a unique area of Toronto and escape the more commercialized areas is the Distillery District.  This village within the city is open to foot traffic only and there are no chain stores or franchises among the many commercial and industrial buildings located there.  This area features a well preserved and fascinating stockpile of Victorian industrial architecture.  There are a number of galleries, stores, and restaurants in the Distillery District that sell some unique items and dishes, but walking through this historically significant area of the city is absolutely free.

Toronto Free Gallery
A wonderful look at some of the most innovative pieces of art in the region can be had for free at the Toronto Free Gallery.  This gallery offers free tours and features artists who have a true point of view and are not afraid of making their statement.  At times, this can be one of the most eye opening art exhibits in the entire city.

The Two City Halls
Situated right next to each other in downtown Toronto is a great side by side example of the past and the present in local politics.  The old city hall was built in 1899 and offers a grand look at the architecture of the time.  The new city hall was constructed in 1965 and features a decidedly modern look and feel despite it being more than 45 years old.  Both of the buildings can be seen from a number of points on the outside, as well as on the inside as part of a self-guided tour.

Toronto Islands
Located just a short ferry trip offshore are the local Toronto Islands.  They are all accessible to the public and offer a great way to see the outdoors, get some exercise, and catch a glimpse of the Toronto skyline from a unique vantage point.  Different islands feature different things including paths, nature areas, docks, meadows, play areas, and even a small amusement park for small children.

Toronto Sculpture Garden
One of the smaller areas in Toronto to enjoy some outdoor relaxation, the Toronto Sculpture Garden is still worth a visit.  A nice relaxing summer walk can be had in this small park that features a number of interesting sculptures set against a backdrop of nature or the surrounding cityscape.  For anyone who enjoys some outdoor relaxation, here is a great spot to head to with a favorite book or digital music player.

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A visit to Toronto can be an exciting and fun time for a wide variety of people with a great number of interests.  Vacationing can be expensive though, so arming one’s self with a nice list of free things to do is a good way to make a travel budget stretch farther.  By mixing in free attractions, a vacationer will have more funds available for the more expensive things they have their heart set on doing or purchasing.  A great vacation awaits in the international city of Toronto, and a great amount of free things are there just waiting for a traveler to take advantage of them.

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