Ten Great Choices For Entertainment In Venice

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When it comes to choosing a foreign city to travel to, you cannot go wrong by selecting Venice, Italy as your next destination.  Venice offers beautiful architecture, wonderful scenery, and the opportunity to explore the city from the water of the famous canals there is something that should be experienced by everyone.  There is much more to Venice than all that though, the city also offers some wonderful opportunities for entertainment.  The bars, nightclubs, dance clubs, and theaters in Venice are top notch and all of them are a great way to experience the city the way it is meant to be seen.

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Here is a look at ten great choices for entertainment in the city of Venice.

Ai Do Draghi

Ai Do Draghi is a very small but historic looking bacaro, or old style bar, in the city of Venice.  Stopping in for a drink here is a great way to experience life in Venice the way the locals do.  Seating in the immediate bar can be cramped but there is more seating available in the back, and during the summer months in the campo.

Aurora Beach

Located on Lido Island, Aurora Beach combines the best of the natural scenery in the Venice area with the modern club scene too.  This is a great way to enjoy the sun and sand, and experience beachfront luxury at the same time.  Many visitors coming to Venice often say that their visit to Aurora Beach was one of the highlights of their vacation.

Casino Di Venezia

One of the most fun and exciting stops in Venice for nearly every visitor going there is the Casino Di Venezia.  Stopping there involves riding a water taxi down the grand canal and then stepping off the boat and entering directly into this architecturally beautiful casino.  Visitors should know that this is a very high class establishment and there is a jacket-and-tie dress code enforced.  This is one of the best places in Venice to go to in order to experience the entertainment options available to the well-to-do.

Cinema Dante D’essai

One of the best movie cinemas in Venice is the Cinema Dante D’essai.  This well maintained and modern movie theater shows both mainstream movies that are popular around the world as well as some quirkier movies that are made outside of Hollywood.  Experiencing seeing a movie in the city of Venice is unlike seeing a movie back home at the local mall theater.

El Chioschetto

One of the more lively night entertainment spots, though still small and intimate, in the city of Venice is El Chioschetto.  Here tourists will find wonderful drinks, fun activities, and a great atmosphere for meeting people from both within the city and around the world.  There is always music coming from the DJ at El Chioschetto, and during the summer this establishment even organizes local boat parties.

Fiddler’s Elbow

Some may find it odd to see a popular Irish pub in the very Italian city of Venice, but Fiddler’s Elbow attracts a wide variety of people to it including both locals and tourists alike.  Going there is a great way to socialize on an evening in a foreign country and meet people from all around the world.

Interpreti Veneziani

Fans of classical music travel to Venice every year with the hopes of hearing Vivaldi played in the area that it emanated from.  Interpreti Veneziani has presented concerts of Venetian music for decades, featuring not only Vivaldi but other Italian masters too.  These concerts are available for the most part year round, and are a wonderful way to both see and hear true Venetian culture.


Lido is one of the most fun and exciting areas in all of Venice and the surrounding region.  One of the best dance spots in all of Lido is Pachuka which offers nightclub type entertainment, including some of the best music and dancing around.  The bonus part of going to Pachuka is that the club is essentially right on the beach.  This adds a great deal of atmosphere to an already exciting and fun place to go.


For those looking for a nightspot that offers a little bigger air of sophistication, a visit to Teamo is definitely in order.  From the leather high backed chairs to the modern music, this is unlike many other bars in Venice.  Food is served here as well and it is an all around wonderful experience to take in during the evening or late at night.

Teatro Goldoni

For those looking to take in the theatre while in Venice, one of the best locations to go to is Teatro Goldoni.  The theater is named after the greatest playwright Venice ever produced.  It is not uncommon for Goldoni’s own plays to be performed in the theater named after him.  The facility offers a wide variety of performances and draws from a great field of talent.  For authentic Venetian stage performances, Teatro Goldoni is the place to be.

There are a number of different options for things to do for anyone venturing to the incredible city of Venice for a vacation.  Those options go beyond just the museums, castles, cathedrals, and canals though.  The many fine bars, restaurants, dance clubs, and nightspots in Venice all add great atmosphere to the city for the visitors to experience.  They also are a great way to see the Venice that locals see and interact with citizens of this great city.  A visit to Venice is a great way to experience the culture of a one-of-a-kind city that will create unique memories that will last a lifetime.

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