Ten Great Places To Stay When Visiting Taiwan

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One of the more interesting places in the world to travel to is the island of Taiwan. Taiwan is located off the coast of China and to the south of Japan. The country has been independent from the mainland nation of China in its current form since the end of World War II in 1945. It features coastal lowlands on the western shoreline and high mountains to the east. From urban attractions to natural locations, there is a great deal to see and do during a vacation to Taiwan.

Taiwan blends the cultures of a number of sources including Chinese, Japanese, as well as the culture of other people who have come to live on the island from other areas around the world. Taiwan features a very active cultural scene including religious sites, museums, and a number of popular live performance venues that offer both music and dramatic entertainment. When it comes to sports, Taiwan’s most popular competitive games are baseball and basketball. Taiwan also has a well developed film industry that makes and promotes films both nationally on the island and internationally around the world too. There are a number of reasons to visit Taiwan, including both business and pleasure. Whether visiting the areas of Taipei, Kaohsiung, or Taichung, there are a number of great places to stay.

Here are ten of the best places to stay at when visiting Taiwan. Feel free to use a service like Orbitz and use orbitz hotel coupons to get discounts on these hotels. Travelers can also use hotels.com coupons for discounted rates.


San Want Residences

The newer rooms and the generous space available at the San Want Residences in Taipei are something that business travelers rave about each and every time they go there. This facility is near faultless with wonderful amenities, beautiful architecture, helpful staff, and much more. A great combination of comfort and luxury.

Les Suites

One of the first things that anyone notices about Les Suites on a visit to Taipei is the attention to detail that can be seen in everything from the architecture to the cleanliness of the rooms. The location of Les Suites contributes to how well that it is loved by the patrons that go there. Staying at Les Suites is the perfect choice for both business and personal travelers.

Grand Formosa Regent

For those seeking a great combination of value and comfort, the Grand Formosa Regent may be just what is needed. The rooms are spacious and clean, and they have everything a business person needs to make their trip successful. For those visiting on vacation, the Grand Formosa Regent has what is needed there too to make the visit the success it should be.

Riviera Hotel

One of the nicest hotels in Taipei is the Riviera Hotel. This fantastic hotel features all of the comforts that most people have come to expect from the best of accommodations that the world has to offer. It features great tasting food, wonderful atmosphere, and luxurious comfort that helps to make any visit to Taiwan even better.

Hotel Eclat

The Hotel Eclat offers an overnight experience that is somewhat unique from many of the other hotels in Taipei. This is qualified as a boutique hotel and the smaller size means greater attention is paid to the visitors and their needs. The entire facility is very stylish and the art and décor of the hotel adds to the atmosphere that makes it such a great place to stay. For those wanting to stay away from the more crowded and larger hotels and resorts while on a business trip or vacation, the Hotel Eclat is the perfect choice.


Splendor Hotel

Visitors seeking to spend time in Taiwan are seeking out a number of different features and options when it comes to the accommodations that they want. The Splendor Hotel in Kaohsiung offers just that with an amazing experience available at this completely unique hotel. Those looking for value and amenities will both be pleased, and those looking for something completely different will love it there. The waterfront location adds both visual pleasure as well as nearby attractions and things to do for those that want to get out of their hotel.

Grand Hi-Lai Hotel

One of the most comfortable hotels in all of Taiwan, both in terms of furnishings and attitudes, is the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung. Visitors coming to the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel will come away with more than pleasant memories of their stay there. The hotel features an amazing amount of in house restaurants and it is extremely easy to find good food there. The Grand Hi-Lai Hotel is a great choice for nearly every type of traveler.

Han Hsien International

The rooms, restaurant, and bar at the Han Hsien International Hotel are all excellent and well versed in catering to international travelers. It isn’t hard to get excellent service at the Han Hsien International, all it takes is to just show up. The staff is very professional and well experienced at their job. A stay at the Han Hsien International hotel can be a great accent to a vacation to Taiwan.


Hotel One Taichung

Hotel One offers a number of great things that visitors to Taiwan have come to appreciate. The staff is very friendly and goes above and beyond what is demanded of them. The rooms and common areas are kept very clean, the front desk is well equipped, and the overall atmosphere of the hotel is modern and lively. One of the best parts about Hotel One in Taichung is the view that can be had from the upper levels. Many of the guest rooms on those levels offer some of those same views and also ways to enjoy those views in great comfort.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel

The Evergreen Laurel Hotel is fantastic in almost every way as far as what is offered inside it. One of the top reasons to stay at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel though is its great location in relation to a number of fun shopping areas, live performance venues, and other tourist attractions. This is truly one of the classic hotels still operating in Taiwan and is well worth the reasonable price charged for a stay there.

Taiwan is a popular destination for business travelers from around the world as the entire Southeast Asian region becomes more and more popular as a place for the expansion of business. The island of Taiwan is also very popular with those wanting to escape what they see as the normal place where they live and venture out to an exotic location filled with new and interesting experiences. Whether going there for business or pleasure, there are plenty of great places to stay that will appeal to nearly every type of traveler out there.

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