Ten Great Things To Do During A Much Needed Vacation To Jamaica

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From time to time it becomes necessary to escape the stresses and annoyances of every day life and go on vacation. The best vacations are the ones that deliver the traveler to a faraway, and maybe even exotic, land where they can experience things that they have never even seen before. These types of vacation also have the added benefit of usually being the most memorable too. These types of vacation are also one of the most looked forward to in the lives of most people. One of the most memorable vacation destinations in the Western Hemisphere is the island nation of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. It really does offer the kind of experiences that a vacationer will remember and treasure for the rest of their entire life.

Jamaica is a small island, consisting of little more than 4,400 square miles and sits about 90 miles south of Cuba. The island is accessible not only by air to the major airports that are found there, but it is also a popular stop for a number of different cruise lines, both as a destination city as well as just an enjoyable stop during a cruise of the entire Caribbean region or area. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches and tranquil blue waters, but there is much more to it than just that. There are a great number of activities that can be participated in there, as well as museums, historical sites, communities, markets, and other attractions to see and experience too. The truth is, a trip to Jamaica has ever possibility of being the perfect vacation for nearly everyone lucky enough to choose it as their destination of choice.

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Here is a look at ten great things to do during a much needed vacation to Jamaica.

Getting Out on the Water

The island nation of Jamaica has been blessed with plenty of great water all around it. The water is incredibly accessible from the many oceanfront communities that are found on the island, and there are a number of ways that a vacationer can get out on the water and enjoy it. A boat tour will take the vacationer up and down the coast, enjoying beautiful views and maybe even a meal at sea. A charter fishing trip will get the visitor and his companions out on the ocean, fishing for some of the most interesting deep sea food that can be caught anywhere. Kayaking is a great way for someone to have a more personal experience with the Caribbean waters that surround Jamaica, one where they are in control of what they see, where they go, and how long they stay there. One of the most thrilling adventures that can be had is a boat trip that takes visitors out to encounters with the interesting undersea life that is in the area including fish, sharks, rays, and more. Getting out on the water is a definite must for anyone venturing to the beautiful island of Jamaica.

YS Falls

One of the more beautiful waterfalls on the island, YS Falls are found just off the Black River and there is plenty of natural and untouched area surrounding the site. There are also plenty of areas that lend themselves to be the perfect location for a picnic lunch or a light early evening meal too. Visitors to Jamaica regularly describe their trip to YS Falls as one of the most relaxing experiences of their vacation.

Shaw Park Botanical Gardens

Sitting on just over 25 acres, Shaw Park Botanical Gardens treats visitors to a wonderful selection of exotic Caribbean plant life. The main feature of the gardens is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by some of the most stunningly beautiful landscaping that can be found anywhere. Shaw Park Botanical Gardens sits high atop a local hill just outside Ocho Rios, and the view of the community, the surrounding area, and the Caribbean Sea is amazing.

Columbus Park

A definite must visit attraction located on Discovery Bay is Columbus Park. Every visitor to the park will be magically transported to their earliest of school days when they first learned about Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. This park is set aside to commemorate the event as well as the spot where Columbus and his men set foot on what is now Jamaica. This is a very special attraction for many people visiting Jamaica.

Tour the Inland Areas

Jamaica is a beautiful island, both along the coastline and inland as well. Much of the inland area is remote and secluded, but there are some very unique and beautiful things to see there too. There are a number of different ways that vacationers can tour the inland areas of Jamaica including by bus, all terrain vehicles, hiking, and on horseback. It’s even possible to go on a white water rafting trip in Jamaica. From the mountainous areas to the rives found there, no visitor will be disappointed at all with a visit into the interior of the island of Jamaica.

Lover’s Leap

The story goes that two slaves in love with each other, but about to be separated, ventured up to the edge of this 1,700 foot high cliff overlooking the sea below and jumped to their deaths rather than experience life apart. The view from the top of the cliff is amazing and people with an intense fear of height should not venture near the edge. Lover’s Leap is located just east of the popular coastal area known as Treasure Beach and is a fun stop with an incredible view. One of the best photography opportunities in all of Jamaica, and that is truly saying something.

Rhodes Hall Plantation

Located in Negril, Rhodes Hall Plantation is one of the best places to go to in order to get a feeling of what the country was like back during its plantation era. This beautiful private plantation is kept in much the same condition that it was in during its glory days. The structures are gorgeous and the grounds are immaculate. The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and offer some great insight and wisdom about this country that is familiar to them and completely unique to the visitor that has come there for the vacation of a lifetime. There are tours available of Rhodes Hall Plantation and the surrounding area that take place on horseback too for those that are interested.

Go Golfing

In recent decades, as Jamaica has evolved into more of a tourist destination, the island has also developed a number of attractions that are very popular with those visiting it. Today, the island of Jamaica sports some of the finest golf courses in the entire Caribbean region. The landscaping is beautiful, the views are magnificent, and of course the weather is near perfect. Some of the popular golf courses and resorts in Jamaica include Cinnamon Hill Golf Course, Breezes Golf & Beach Resort, and Sandals Golf and Country Club.

Luminous Lagoon

One of the most astounding natural sights worth seeing on Jamaica takes place in a small serene lagoon. Just outside of Montego Bay, Luminous Lagoon is a place where visitors can go to swim and kayak, among other things, while having fun in the Jamaican sun. When the sun goes down however, the real interesting side of the Luminous Lagoon comes out. Millions of natural light generating organisms spill into the lagoon from the stream that feeds into it and these organisms light up the water creating one of the most unforgettable sights ever seen or experienced. A camera is a must when visiting the Luminous Lagoon because it will be one of the hardest things for the vacationer to describe to their friends and family back home.

Hit the Beach

The most obvious thing to do on the island of Jamaica is to hit the beach. It doesn’t matter is a vacationer is looking for nice quiet relaxing times away from the crowds or rowdy exciting times on beaches that are just as much fun partying on as they are doing everything else, the perfect beach is available in Jamaica. There are also an incredible amount of things to do on the beaches of Jamaica including people watching, sunbathing, beach sports, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, diving, and more. Some of the most popular beaches and coastal areas on the island include Treasure Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Doctor’s Cave Beach, and Boston Bay Beach.

Jamaica offers wonderful hotels, beautiful beaches, gorgeous inland areas, fun communities, great restaurants, and so much more. What Jamaica offers that most people find irresistible though is the chance to escape to a very exotic destination that is still surprisingly close to most other countries in the Western Hemisphere. A visit to Jamaica can expose the traveler to much more than a great place to hit the beach, although it is that too, but a visit to this unique island country is a true visit to a different culture. Spending quality time visiting all aspects of Jamaican life is a great way to gain a new appreciation for the island, the country, and the people that live there. A vacation to Jamaica is about the best decision that any vacation planner could ever make. This beautiful island in the Caribbean contains everything necessary to create the most unforgettable vacation of anyone’s life.

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