Ten Great Things To See And Do In Mazatlan, Mexico

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There are a number of absolutely fantastic vacation destinations on the West Coast of North America. For those wanting to experience the warm sun at anytime of year, beautiful beaches, and a fun and inviting local community and culture, the Mexican coastline is definitely a place that should be traveled to. When looking for a first class vacation destination on the coast of Mexico, prospective vacationers cannot go wrong by selecting the fun and exciting city of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan is a beautiful coastal community that sits on the mainland of Mexico, just across the Gulf of California from the Baja California peninsula. The city has a number of great attractions in it that are very worthwhile to visit. There are historic sites, religious buildings, cafes, retail shops, adventure businesses, public markets, natural areas, beaches, and much much more. When it comes to a large selection of fun things to see and do, the community of Mazatlan and the surrounding area have a great deal to offer.

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The Beaches

One of the top attractions in the entire Mazatlan area are the fabulous beaches that can be found there. Secluded and somewhat remote beaches can be found very near to the wide expansive beaches that attract thousands of sunbathers and people watchers. Some of the more popular beaches in the Mazatlan area include Isla de la Piedra, Playa Gaviotas, Playa Los Cerritos, Playa Norte, and Playa Olas Altas.

Watch the Cliff Divers

The cliff divers of Mazatlan are famous the world over. Watching these brave and talented people dive from the incredibly tall cliffs overlooking the area is a thrill all itself. This has been a tradition that has stretched back for centuries and is very audience friendly. There are a number of great locations to view the divers from and they always put on a great show.

Acuario Mazatlan

Another great attraction worth going to in Mazatlan is the Acuario Mazatlan. The Acuario Mazatlan is a well kept and pleasingly laid out aquarium. This is a fabulous place to head to for anyone wanting to learn more about the marine life that is present in and around Mazatlan. A top attraction, especially for families with children, the Acuario Mazatlan has a way of entertaining everyone with the great many features that are found there. The aquarium is home to more than 250 different kinds of fish, as well as other features too like an art gallery, cafe, and gift shop.

The Golden Zone

The focal point of the city of Mazatlan is known as the Golden Zone. This area of the community lines the waterfront and is home to the most luxurious mega hotels, high priced condominiums, the best restaurants in the area, exclusive boutiques and shops, as well as some of the most fun and popular beach front attractions. Some do feel that The Golden Zone is a little too developed and too focused on tourists, but that doesn’t change the area’s popularity with the travelers that come there each and every day.

Horseback Riding

There are a number of great stables in the Mazatlan area. These are wonderful places to go to rent horses for both short and extended trips onto the beaches and into the upland and inland areas that surround the city. Randi’s Happy Horses and Ginger’s Bilingual Horses are two great places to look up for those wanting to experience Mazatlan from the back of a horse.

Mercado Municipal

There is not a better way to get a sample of the Mazatlan that locals see than going to one of the many public markets that are available in the city. One of the best is the Mercado Municipal which is located near the waterfront section of town and is also near the historic downtown area. Here visitors can go and see a wide variety of goods on sale including homemade crafts, prepared foods, fresh produce, souvenirs, and more. Beyond the items that are for sale there, visiting the market is a great way to experience the local culture and also a great place to do some people watching. The Mercado Municipal is one of the top local things to do for any traveler visiting Mazatlan.

Old Mazatlan

A great way to get in touch with the history of Mazatlan, as well as to come to a better understanding with the culture there, is for a visitor to the city to take half a day and visit Old Mazatlan. From historical sites to religious buildings and so much more, Old Mazatlan packs a great deal of information and experiences in a rather small area. The classic old architecture also provides a wonderful backdrop for photographs.

Lookout Mountain

Rising high above Mazatlan, and also going by the name El Mirador, is Lookout Mountain. This hill provides for a fabulous view of the city below and the water that stretches out as far as the eye can see. Hiking to the top of Lookout Mountain is a great way to enjoy some fun activity in the beautiful outdoors. For the physically active vacationer, a hike up to Lookout Mountain is a great experience to be had.

Sea Shell City Museum

One of the more interesting things to do in Mazatlan is visit the very popular Sea Shell City Museum. This small facility is part museum and part retail shop. It offers some of the best natural souvenirs that can be found anywhere. Visitors frequenting the Sea Shell City Museum can look at some truly rare specimens as well as purchase some very interesting examples of local sea shells to take home with them.

Boat Tours

The water that laps at the Mazatlan coastline has always been one of the most highly thought of attractions there. One of the best ways to experience it is by taking part in one of the many types of boat tours that are available there. These include fishing trips, sightseeing trips, kayak tours, sea life tours, and sailing trips.

The city of Mazatlan is a vacation destination that regularly thrills and satisfies a great many visitors from a wide variety of locations and backgrounds. Mazatlan can do this because it offers one of the best selections of things to do that can be found anywhere. With one visit to Mazatlan, it is easy for anyone to see why it has been such a highly rated vacation destination since the 1940s. What started as a vacation play land for the rich and famous from the California film industry has become one of the favorite places to vacation at in North America. The city is a destination not only for the millions that stay there in the hotels and condominiums, but also to a great many cruise ships who use Mazatlan as one of the key feature stops of their cruises down the Mexican coastline. For fantastic vacation that offer the most fun and interesting things to do, it is hard to top the beautiful city of Mazatlan, Mexico.

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