Ten Great Things To See And Do In San Antonio, Texas

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There are a number of great vacation destinations in the state of Texas, but one of the more interesting places to travel to is the city of San Antonio. San Antonio is blessed with warm weather and beautiful surroundings, both of which help to make it a high quality vacation destination. The city has an interesting history that dates back through the Civil War era, through the era of Texan independence, through the time of Spanish rule, and before. There are a number of museums and historical sites available to check out in San Antonio, but the city is not just a historical area, it is much more than that. San Antonio is home to a great many art galleries, many of which are dedicated to Southwestern American and Native American artwork. There are many other fun and interesting things to see and do in San Antonio, to get the best rates try using a travelocity coupon code from webcouponcodes. These coupon codes for travelocity at webcouponcodes.com help travelers save on packages to this historic destination. Now, here is a look at just ten of the things you can do in San Antonio:

Mission San Jose

For those wanting to experience some historical sites in San Antonio, one of the best is Mission San Jose. This Spanish frontier mission was built in 1720 and is the largest and most well known of the five missions in the city. The mission is still in use, and witnessing one of the mariachi masses that takes place there each and every Sunday is something to be experienced.

River Walk

One of the most popular attractions in the city of San Antonio is River Walk. This downtown area allows visitors to experience both the benefits of the urban area of the city and at the same time the beautiful outdoor area that has been established right on the river. Checking out River Walk is a great way to gain access to the many shops and restaurants that the city has to offer too.

The Alamo

Perhaps the most famous of all of the attractions, especially the historical related ones, in the city of San Antonio is the Alamo. This mission church was built in the 18th century and offers a great chance to see the architecture of the time. More importantly, this is the famous site where Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and others made their heroic last stand against Santa Ana and the Mexican Army during the battle for Texas Independence.

Japanese Tea Gardens

The Japanese Tea Gardens located in San Antonio offer visitors and locals alike one of the best opportunities to get out and relax in the outdoors, while remaining in the city itself. These beautiful gardens are free to attend by anyone, and are one of the most peaceful settings in the entire city. Of particular note are the goldfish ponds that can be found there, these in particular offer a great chance for relaxation and rest.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Located outside the city of San Antonio is one of the more popular natural attractions in the area, the Natural Bridge Caverns. Visitors can take guided tours of some of the largest accessible underground caverns available to see in the entire United States. One of the rooms that visitors can enter is actuall bigger than a football field. There are also other featured attractions nearby including a chance to pan for gems and gold, tower climb, and go down a zipline.

SeaWorld San Antonio

Many people don’t associate an inland city like San Antonio with the open sea and all of the different species that are found there. But thanks to SeaWorld San Antonio, that is exactly what they can find there. This is one of the best theme parks in Texas and offers both wildlife viewing and interaction entertainment opportunities to the many people that head there each and every year. There are also amusement park type rides available too. This is a great place for a family with small children to check out while they are in town.

Rio San Antonio Cruises

While the River Walk attraction is very popular for those visitors that would like to see downtown San Antonio in a totally unique way, it is also popular for those that want to venture out onto the river itself. Rio San Antonio Cruises offers a chance for vacationers to get out on the water and get a boat tour of the city. These narrated trips not only provide a fun outdoor activity for those wanting to experience a unique side of the city, they also provide some great background information and historical facts about this fabulous city in Texas.

Spanish Governor’s Palace

Another of the many great historical sites in San Antonio worth visiting is the Spanish Governor’s Palace. It is in this building that many historical documents were signed and ceremonies were held. The building actually predates the Alamo and is currently an operational museum dedicated to the history of San Antonio and all of Texas, including having a great deal of information about the time that it was under Spanish rule.

San Antonio Museum of Art

For those traveling to San Antonio and wanting to experience the cultural side of the city and region, a great chance to do so awaits within the walls of the San Antonio Museum of Art. The San Antonio Museum of Art contains what many consider the most comprehensive collection of Latin American art in the entire United States. There is also art in the museum that represents artwork from cultures from around the world including Asian, Greek, Egyptian, and Native American.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

For families with children of all ages, one of the top attraction in the city of San Antonio has got to be Six Flags Fiesta Texas. This two hundred acre theme park is home to exciting rides, fun games, one of a kind activities, great food, occasional fireworks shows, and incredible live performances. For kids, Six Flags Fiesta Texas offers a great break from the historical landmarks and museums that their parents may be frequenting. Six Flags Fiesta Texas offers one of the most fantastic times anyone could ever have in the San Antonio area.

Texas is an incredibly interesting state to visit, and anyone vacationing to or through the state of Texas would find a visit to San Antonio more than worthwhile. San Antonio has a number of different aspects that many different people from many different backgrounds all find interesting. It is a great place to go for the passive vacationer who wants to watch things like the scenery and the local people, and it is also a wonderful place to go for the active traveler who would like to get out and participate in the many fun activities that are found there. A visit to San Antonio can be just the thing for the vacationer wanting to experience a truly unique trip to a one of a kind Texas city.

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Christine Becksted December 20, 2011 at 2:09 am

Good article. There are also some great “off the beaten path” stops if travelers are driving between Austin and San Antonio. The best IMHO is Gruene, Texas. Super cute town. Gruene Hall is a cozy bar that attracts big names (couple of movies shot in there too ;-) and the Gristmill is a really yummy place to grab a bite after a wander through the town.
Looking forward to reading more articles from you!

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