Ten Of The Many Historic Attractions Of San Francisco

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There are a number of reasons that the city of San Francisco continues year in and year out to be one of the more popular West Coast vacation destinations in the United States. The city is located very near to a number of wonderful scenic areas, not to mention being one of the more picturesque large cities in America itself. The city is also home to a very exciting and fun waterfront district where visitors can not only watch the comings and goings on San Francisco Bay, but also frequent a number of attractions located there. The city is also blessed with great golf courses, wonderful restaurants, well stocked shopping opportunities, and more. One thing that the city has plenty of is historical sites and attractions. A visit to the city of San Francisco is a great idea for almost anyone. Here is a look at just ten of the many historic attractions of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Waterfront

The San Francisco Waterfront offers a great many different things to the tourists that go there each and every day. There are attractions like a wax museum, amusement park rides, eating establishments, shopping opportunities, and more found for vacationers to enjoy. The waterfront area is much more than that though as it is also a very historic area that has long ties to the city’s fantastic history. There are also museums and museum ships that can be visited in the area.


One of the most famous attractions, historic or otherwise, in San Francisco is the island prison of Alcatraz. Alacatraz was at one time the nation’s prison of choice for the worst of the worst criminals out there. The prison sits on Alcatraz island and is only accessible by water ferry. Tours of the island can be experienced including tours of the lighthouse, guard residences, administrative areas, and the part that most people want to see, the jail cells themselves. A visit to Alcatraz is a great way to get a glimpse at what life must have been like for the most wanted prisoners of the early to mid 1900s.

Golden Gate Bridge

There are a number of great ways to enjoy Golden Gate Bridge. There are parking areas on either side where visitors can get out and take photographs of the bridge and view some interesting exhibits focused at the history of the building of this incredible structure. The best way to experience the Golden Gate Bridge though is by walking or biking across it. This allows the vacationer to have a more intimate experience with the bridge as they enjoy it from all aspects and angles.

Ferry Building Marketplace

Ferry Building Marketplace is a historic landmark in the city. This famous structure has a fascinating history and today it offers itself up as a fun and exciting open street market featuring all kinds of foods, crafts, imports, souvenirs, and more. A visit to the Ferry Building Marketplace can deliver to the vacationer an experience that is very close to the types had by those live in the city full time.

U. S. S. Pampanito

The U. S. S. Pampanito is a World War II era submarine that is docked on famous Pier 45. This ship can be boarded and toured by the public. It really is a once in a lifetime attraction to visit, as most people never ever think they will be able to do something as unique and interesting as set foot on an actually World War II submarine. This attraction is popular with everyone regardless of age or interest in military history.

San Francisco Cable Cars

One of the most famous images of San Francisco is that of the famous cable cars going up and own the streets there. Cable cars have operated in the city since 1873 and were early on seen as a necessity due to the many steep hills that are found there. There are currently more than 17 miles of track remaining in the San Francisco Cable Car system. Spending the day riding the cable car to and from different attractions is a fun fun thing to do.

Pacific Heritage Museum of San Francisco

One of the more interesting places to visit in San Francisco, from a historical museum perspective, is the Pacific Heritage Museum of San Francisco. This museum details a great deal of the history of the San Francisco area. It also has a number of exhibits that are dedicated to the many cities and peoples that are all worth traveling to throughout the Pacific Rim area. A number of different themes are covered within the museum including, but not limited too, artistic, cultural, economic, industrial, and more.

Presidio Army Museum

The Presidio Army Museum is one of the better military museums on the entire West Coast. The museum sits at an area that was a major command center during several wars that America was involved in including the Mexican-American War, American Civil war, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. As a great benefit to tourists heading there, the museum is located in the middle of a gorgeous natural setting that can be enjoyed too.

Mission Dolores

There are few better ways to experience the old side of the city of San Francisco than by visiting the oldest building left standing there. Mission Dolores features the adobe walls, Spanish tiles, and aged timbers that those familiar with historic missions are somewhat used to seeing. Mission Dolores is also home to a small cemetery. Tours of the facility are available and are a great way to experience a more meaningful time at the mission.

Walt Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney was regularly rated as one of the most admired Americans in the country. The Walt Disney Family Museum is dedicated to the man’s life and his times. This museum has ties to the Disney family itself and they have made available a number of personal items that are put on display there. A very good understanding of Walt Disney the man, as well as Walt Disney the businessman, can be had with a visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum.

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The city of San Francisco is packed with a great many attractions that are more than able to entertain and occupy even the pickiest of travelers. One of the best groups of attractions found there are attractions related to the history of San Francisco and the surrounding area. Visiting some of these attractions is also a great way to come away with a better understanding of the city, an understanding that can lead to a vacationer having a better time in the city than they even thought they would. San Francisco has a way of being one of the best vacation destinations that nearly any traveler has ever been to and the historical attractions that are found there are just one of the reasons why.

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Si @thedepartureboard.com December 20, 2011 at 5:24 pm

I really must return to San Fran! It’s 23 years since I visited, i’m sure Alcatraz and the Golden Gate hasn’t changed much but I now have a list of some other things to see.

Love the blog.

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