Ten Tips For A Great Cruise Vacation

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One of the most fantastic vacation ideas that anyone can ever come up with is to go on a cruise vacation.  Cruise vacations can last as short as overnight or three days, and as long as one full month, sometimes even longer.  There are a number of things that the traveler can do to make their cruise experience go better and be more enjoyable.  If you are considering taking a cruise vacation, here is a look at twenty tips that can better prepare you both for the booking process, as well as your time on the ship as well.

Before You Leave:

Shop Online
The best prices for cruise vacations can almost always be found online.  Many of the larger cruise lines deal exclusively with travel companies that sell packages online.  It can still be worthwhile to check with a local travel agent, but don’t forget to research the internet for the best prices possible. Travelocity has great cruise discounts. Look for cruise discounts to save even more.

Book Early
While it is sometimes hard to nail down plans too far into the future, one of the best ways to get the most economical cruise package is to book the trip as early as possible.  Booking a trip a year in advance can make for a great discount, but even one to three months is still better than last minute.

Pay Attention To Details
Cruises can sometimes be complicated.  Whether you are booking an all inclusive cruise or not, it is best to research the paperwork that comes with your tickets so you know what is included in the package you purchased and what is not.

Familiarize Ahead Of Time
If you know many of the specifics about your cruise ship before you arrive, you can sometimes make your trip a lot more fun and convenient.  Knowing the general layout of the ship, where specific features are located, the hours of operation of the different dining rooms and bars, and more can all mean less time is wasted when you are actually on your vacation.

Pack The Right Clothing
Depending on the destination that your cruise is going to, the time of year you will be traveling, the dress requirements on board, and the types of activities you will be participating in, you will probably need to make sure you pack specific items of clothing.  There is nothing worse than being out in the middle of the ocean when you find out you don’t have all the things you need to wear.

After You Depart:

Hold Off On Shipboard Shopping
On most of the larger cruise ships there are some really impressive retail shops.  Many of the items they sell are either not offered elsewhere or are very hard to find.  If there is something that you really like, it is best to hold off on buying it and wait at least a few days.  Ships carry more than enough inventory, so odds are they won’t run out.  There is also a good chance that after they feel everyone has had an opportunity to buy at the initial price level, they will offer a sale a few days later.

Utilize The Under The Bed Space
There is a limited amount of room in the cabin you most likely have booked for your cruise.  Nothing makes a stateroom feel even smaller than it is more than clutter and suitcases out in the open.  While closets are usually large enough for the baggage that most passengers bring, you should check to see if your suitcases will fit under the bed.  This will free up extra space in the closet and elsewhere.

Find Your Own Shore Excursions
It is common for larger cruise lines to sell shore excursion packages as the ship approaches a new port of call.  These excursions are a great way to see an interesting destination.  The truth is though that you can often find the exact same tour, or even one better, offered by the locals right near the where the ship has docked for less than half the price.

Proper Identification
It is usually a good idea to always have your driver’s license or other photo identification on you, especially if you leave the ship and head on shore for any length of time.  This can help you when returning to the ship as some cruise lines check the identification of those looking to board the ship.  It can also help on the ship too when it comes time to verify your ID for things like purchases you want to make.

Make Friends With The Crew
It’s true that crew members on the cruise ship you’re on are just doing their job, but they are people too.  Many of them come from different areas of the world and have a great deal of stories or travel experience to share with you.  This is not only a great way to make a connection with someone you didn’t know before, but it could also pay off when you find yourself either in need of something or if you would like part of your cruise experience upgraded.

Some of the best vacation memories that any traveler could ever end up with can be made by going on a cruise vacation.  Should you choose to take a cruise, there are a number of things you can do that will go a long way in making the experience one of the top memories that you have too.  With the proper planning and execution, a cruise vacation can come off as a flawless travel experience.  Once you are completely prepared, there is really nothing standing in between you and the cruise vacation of your dreams.

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