The Best Beaches In And Around Sydney, Australia

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Traveling to Sydney, Australia is a great idea for anyone looking to experience a fun and exciting time in a faraway area of the world.  The city of Sydney has a great many things to offer travelers that come there including fine shopping, wonderful dining, fun attractions, interesting historical sites, beautiful scenery, and fascinating cultural events and attractions.  One of Sydney’s most loved attributes though are the many wonderful beaches that surround the city.  Here is a look at nine of the best beaches in and around the city of Sydney.

Bondi Beach

The closest beach to the center of Sydney, Bondi Beach is also one of the most popular beach destinations in the city.  Among the many activities available there are surfing, swimming, and beach combing.  There is a great deal of development surrounding Bondi Beach which makes it a prime location for dining out or hitting a popular beachfront nightspot.  The beach also offers topless sunbathing for those interested as well.

Manly Beach
One of the most popular beaches in the Sydney area for locals to enjoy is Manly Beach.  The Manly area is a large peninsula that offers nearly twenty smaller beach areas, each with specific features and attractions all their own.  Running down the center of the peninsula is an area known as The Corso which is filled with open air markets, craft booths, restaurants, outdoor eateries, entertainment options, and more.  The waters around Manly Beach are great for surfing, swimming, and playing in and there is a great deal of fun to be had on the sand as well.

Avalon Beach

With the tall sandstone cliffs that border the sand and water, Avalon Beach is a very picturesque setting with a fun atmosphere to be enjoyed.  The water is perfect for both board and body surfing and the sand is popular with those looking to sunbathe as well as play or have beach barbecues.  There is a number of great eateries and shopping venues located very nearby to the beach.

Collaroy Beach

The longest beach found on Sydney’s north shore is Collaroy Beach.  This is popular with tourists and is one of the easiest beaches to get to in the Sydney area.  Swimming, surfing, and sunbathing are the popular activities there and a number of businesses are in the immediate vicinity including retail shops, dining establishments, and a golf course.

Bilgola Beach
One of the more quiet and secluded beach in the area, perfect for couples or for small families looking to escape the crowds, is Bilgola Beach.  This beach is nestled below Bilgola Bends and is lined with palm trees.  There is a rock pool there which is perfect for children to play in and the sand is very inviting.

Dee Why Beach
One of the more popular beaches with surfers in the area, Dee Why Beach is very scenic and long.  There is a surf club, rock pool, and a large park perfect for children to play at or families to picnic at located adjacent to the beach itself.  Like many of the beaches in the area around Sydney, Dee Why Beach is also lined with shops and eating establishments.

Palm Beach
There are a number of activities to do at the popular Palm Beach location in Sydney with everything from surfing to sunbathing and exploring the coastline popular with both residents and tourists alike.  Barranjoey Lighthouse is located just a short distance away from the beach and is a popular walk for those from outside the area.  The Palm Beach area has a lot of development around it including surf shops, parks, eateries, and more.

Coogee Beach
Those looking to find a fun place to go swimming and avoid the crowded surfing beaches usually fare well by heading to Coogee Beach.  This beach is popular with the younger crowd and features a surf club and changing facilities.  There is a vibrant nightlife at Coogee Beach with a great many bars, nightclubs, and restaurants staying open past when the sun goes down.

Cronulla Beach Peninsula
A trip to the Cronulla Beach Peninsula can be a very satisfying experience as the area is actually home to four separate beaches, each one with a great amount of natural features that lend themselves to all sorts of fun in the surf and sand.  The surrounding area is also filled with a good amount of things to do with everything from dining and shopping to a movie theater located there.

The city of Sydney is known for a number of things, but visiting the city and the surrounding area and not making a trip out to any of the popular and even famous beaches located there would be a huge mistake.  The beaches surrounding the city offer a number of wonderful activities including surfing, body surfing, sunbathing, swimming, boat tours and excursions, beach combing, and more.  The beaches in the Sydney area are also part of vibrant communities which often cater to the beach goers with fine dining, fun attractions, and lively nightclubs.  Visiting the beaches of Sydney, Australia is a great way to enjoy a trip to Australia to its fullest extent. Visit Australia on Expedia, the leading world travel agency. Use an expedia flight coupon for added discount on flights and or an expedia hotel coupon for discounts on hotels.

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