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One of the best and most ethnically diverse cities to visit in North America is the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.  Vancouver sits on the west coast of the country and is separated by the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver Island.  The city has a high concentration of citizens that have relocated there from Asia and this is leading it to be one of the finest cities to travel to in order to experience Asian cuisine and other experiences.  The city also has a wonderful amount of natural and protected areas within the city limits.

  Vancouver has some strong historical ties to both European exploration of the area as well as the settlement process that would come later and no where in the city are these and other happenings and events exhibited and explained better than in the many museums found there.

Vancouver Maritime Museum

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A great stop for anyone interested in history, but especially those interested in shipping or water transportation too, is the Vancouver Maritime Museum.  This museum is the perfect destination for the entire family with a great many exhibits set up to be hands-on experiences.  The museum is Canada’s principal maritime museum on the West Coast and has been entertaining visitors for years.  There are not only a great many artifacts and displays to view, but the museum also hosts gatherings including birthday parties and overnight events.

The Roedde House Museum

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Built in the late 1890s, the Roedde House is a Victorian style home located in the heart of Vancouver’s historic west end neighborhood.  The home has been restored to its original look both inside and out and walking through the door is like stepping back in time.  This is by far one of the best looks at what life was like from the early days of Vancouver in the entire area.  The Roedde House Museum has a number of artifacts inside that were used in both the typical home of the times as well as in more well to do homes too.

1415 Barclay Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 1J6, Canada
(604) 684-7040

BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
A great place to go for any sports fan entering the city of Vancouver is the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.  This regional hall of fame features many of the names that put British Columbia on the map in the sports world.  Guests walking through the hall will see exhibits dedicated to a number of sports including baseball, basketball, hockey, football, rowing, horse racing, and more.

Some of the players who have been inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame include baseball’s Larry Walker in baseball, Art Chapman in basketball, Jim Davies in cycling, Joe Kapp in football, Violet Sweeny in golf, Cam Neely and Glenn Anderson in hockey, Hans De Goede in rugby, Ted Barton in skating, and many more.  This is truly one of the more unique sports museums in the world and well worth a visit.

Museum of Vancouver
A wonderful opportunity awaits at the Museum of Vancouver to learn something new and interesting about the city of Vancouver.  The museum covers the entire history of the growth and development of the city, but doesn’t stop there.  There are also unique and interesting exhibitions detailing serious world events and how they impacted the city of Vancouver.  The museum is laid out well and is convenient for anyone to come and learn a little bit more of this true gem of a city.  A great deal of time can be spent in the Museum of Vancouver thanks to the fact that there are so many interesting exhibits that one can easily lose track of time.  Easily one of the more interesting attractions in a city filled with wonderful things to do.

Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition

Motorcycle enthusiasts are a breed all their own.  They not only have an appreciation for driving the open roads and feeling the power of their machine, but most also have a huge appreciation for the development of the motorcycle through time.  A great way to view the evolution of the motorcycle is to make a visit to the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition.

 The Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition is the largest and finest private collection of motorcycles in the entire nation of Canada.  This exhibition, housed inside Canada’s oldest Harley-Davidson dealership, is dedicated to preserving motorcycles from days gone by as well as educating the public about how far the motorcycle has come.  Some of the craftsmanship seen in some of the early models of motorcycles really deserves to be preserved for future generations, and the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition does just that.

BC Golf Museum and Hall of Fame
Conveniently located at the 17th tee of the University Golf Club, the BC Golf Museum and Hall of Fame is a must-see attraction for anyone with an interest in golf or sports history.  The museum’s mission is to research, collect, preserve and display the history of golf and golfers in British Columbia, and they do a very good job of just that. 

The museum is housed in what was once the original clubhouse for the University Golf Club, originally constructed in 1930.  This is the only independent golf museum and library located in any state or province on the entire North American continent.  Some of the incredible featured artifacts on display at the museum include golf clubs dating back to the 1700s, as well as all kinds of historical golf accessories including bags, balls, and scorecards.  The pride and joy of the museum is its up to date reference library with information on every golf course that has ever called British Columbia home.  A true paradise for the avid golfer visiting the Vancouver area.

Canadian Craft & Design Museum
Another great niche museum in the city of Vancouver is the Canadian Craft & Design Museum.  This museum houses some of the best examples of fine craftsmanship and design.  The museum was founded in 1980 and has been at its current location since 1990.  The museum does not just focus on one type of craft work, but instead attempts to acknowledge and celebrate craftsmanship of all kinds, regardless of the medium.  There are fine examples and exhibits featuring woodworking, pottery, metal work, mixed media, and more inside the Canadian Craft & Design Museum.  This is really one of the more unique museums in Vancouver, in fact there are few that are like it in the entire world.

Vancouver Police Museum
The Vancouver Police Museum focuses primarily on collecting and preserving the history of the Vancouver Police Department, its accomplishments as an organization as well as the fine people that have served there.  This museum is a wonderful resource to the entire community as it provides a great record of the police department’s role in the development of the city over a long period of time.  The museum also has a mission of providing education to those who are interested in police work and its history, as well as those who are interested in it as a prospective career.

 The museum is located in the former Coroner’s Courtroom where it has been housed since it opened in 1986.  Among the many historical artifacts that can be viewed at the Vancouver Police Museum are uniforms, badges, handcuffs, flashlights, communications equipment, Breathalyzers, and other police equipment from days gone by.  There are also a number of items on display related to the criminals that have been apprehended over time by the police department including weapons and drug paraphernalia.  This is a truly fascinating museum that most people would overlook, but end up enjoying when they give it a chance.

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While there are a number of great attractions and experiences found in British Columbia and the city of Vancouver, few are more rewarding than spending some quality time in the many museums found there.  The museums of Vancouver tell its side of history as one of the major cities that borders the United States, as well as the history of the people that came long before the explorers and settlers who originated in Europe.  The museums of Vancouver off some of the finest vacation experiences available anywhere.  Travelers going through the province of British Columbia would be remiss should they not sample the fine dining or wonderful products found in the city, but they would equally miss out if they didn’t take the opportunity to frequent one or more of the many fascinating museums that call the city of Vancouver home.

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