The Best Places To Eat Out At In Atlantic City

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When traveling on the East Coast, there are few places that can match the excitement and fun times that can be had in Atlantic City. Atlantic City is famous for the casinos that are found there, but the city is also home to the fun and historic boardwalk, and of course the beautiful beach area. There is much more than that to Atlantic City though, and one of the top things to do in the city is eat. Eating out in Atlantic City is easily one of the more enjoyable things to do there because the city is filled with many high quality options for those looking for nourishment. Atlantic City is a great place to gamble, a great place to have fun, a great place to go to the beach at, and it is also a great place to eat out in.

Some of the best places to eat out at in Atlantic City include:

Chef Vola’s

One of the most popular Italian restaurants in the city of Atlantic City is Chef Vola’s. Reservations are a good idea, because the restaurant’s reputation has spread throughout the city and there are many regulars that come again and again. The staff is friendly and the food is delicious. There is also great atmosphere at Chef Vola’s that helps add to the experience that can be had by the visitor.

Bill’s Gyro Souvalki

One of the more fun places to stop at in Atlantic City for a quick bite to eat and enjoy some great food is Bill’s Gyro Souvalki. Many visitors who come to the city regularly, often head to Bill’s Gyro Souvalki as their first stop when needing a place to eat. On top of the great food that can be had there, the price is very reasonable.

Bobby Flay Steak

One of the newest restaurants in Atlantic City, and quickly becoming one of the most popular, is Bobby Flay Steak. This fine restaurant has brought incredible steak dinners and a fine dining experience to the city and can be found in the famous Borgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa. Despite the fact that there are a number of great attractions in the city, a night out at Bobby Flay Steak can go down as one of the top experiences to be had in the city.


While there are a number of different cuisines available in Atlantic City, when it comes time to enjoy some classic Asian food, there is no better place to go than Buddakan. Buddakan has an incredibly friendly and helpful staff that is eager to make the dining experience something to remember. The food is top notch and the atmosphere lends itself to helping to make the dining experience absolutely unforgettable.

Gallagher’s Steak House

Regularly rated as one of the best places to get a steak at in Atlantic City, Gallagher’s Steak House has a loyal customer base and also is found to be a pleasing experience by first time visitors to the city too. The décor is great and the staff is friendly, but what keeps people coming back again and again is the quality of the food available there. A good steak is something that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone, and Gallagher’s Steak House is definitely a great place to go.

Old Homestead

The Old Homestead restaurant is perfect for large families and large travel groups visiting Atlantic City and wanting to all dine out together. The reason for this is that though the restaurant has its specialties, like delicious crab cakes and beautifully cooked steaks, they honestly cook everything extremely well. The wide variety of styles of food on the menu makes it so everyone can get something that they like, and get it from a place that cooks everything well.

Duck’s Oyster House

When it comes to a combination of seafood and steaks, there isn’t a better place to go to than the very popular Duck’s Oyster House. The great décor and friendly service only make the food seem even better than it already is. Many people visiting Atlantic City find themselves eating at Duck’s Oyster House and then returning to eat there later during their stay too, it’s just that good. From the food, to the atmosphere, to the wine selection, and more, the dining experience at Duck’s Oyster House can’t be beat.

Trinity Irish Pub & Carvery

Located right on the pier at Caesar’s Palace Atlantic City, Trinity Irish Pub & Carvery is extremely popular with many members of the public that find themselves traveling to Atlantic City for a vacation or extended weekend. Its location among the Caesar’s Palace shops makes it convenient for those doing some shopping too. The food is first class and the drinks are great too at Trinity Irish Pub & Carvery.

Country Kitchen

Finding a friendly, affordable, and good place to eat is tough when traveling to any vacation destination. For those visiting Atlantic City and either staying up all night or waking up with a taste for a great breakfast, the best place to head to is the Country Kitchen. The Country Kitchen is very popular and busy at times, the wait is worth it though as the familiar breakfast foods have a way of satisfying almost any traveler.

White House Sub Shop

One of the best places to go in all of Atlantic City for a good old American sub sandwich is the famous White House Sub Shop. Many famous people visiting the city have not only dined on sandwiches from the White House Sub Shop, but gone so far as to have the sandwiches delivered to them in other cities. The food is just that good. The dining experience is great too with a friendly atmosphere and awesome staff. Locals are aware that it works out best to call an order in ahead of time, because it gets busy for a reason. On top of how good the food is, the prices are also very reasonable too, this makes it the perfect dining experience.

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There are a great many things to enjoy while visiting Atlantic City. The casinos are elaborate and lively places to visit that offer all kinds of gambling, food, and live entertainment. Millions of people flock to Atlantic City from nearby Philadelphia and New York City for the massive amount of entertainment options out there. Along with all of the attractions in the city, including the boardwalk and the beach area, one of the best parts of the area is the incredible amount of great places to eat that are there. The great selection of fine restaurants, casual cafes, delicious delis, and other eating establishments in Atlantic City help it to be the fun travel destination that it is.

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