The Five Best Beaches In All Of Spain

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Spain is a well traveled to country for a number of reasons. The food found there is of the highest quality that can be found in any European nation. The remote and natural areas of the country offer some of the best scenic beauty and outdoor recreation possibilities that can be found in the area. The Spanish villages and cities offer a great look at life in this land and a wonderful way to experience Spain as it really is. One of the number one attractions in the country though are the nation’s beaches.

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There are a number of reasons that Spain’s beaches are such popular tourist destinations. With its geographic placement, Spain can offer coastline that faces the Atlantic Ocean as well as coastline that fronts the Mediterranean Sea. These two bodies of water, and the land that lines them are completely different and mean that there is a great variety in the style and types of beaches found in Spain. Spain’s public beaches are for the most part wide and expansive and the water is inviting of all sorts of water recreation. The country is known not only for its large and popular beach destinations, but also for a good amount of small secluded sites where it is possible to have a more personal and remote beach experience. Some of the beaches located there are even clothing optional for those wishing to experience natural beauty in a whole different way. Visiting the beaches of Spain is a great chance for travelers to experience a European beach vacation at its finest. Visit Spain’s beaches with Travelocity. Use a travelocity coupon for added savings.

Here are the five best beaches in all of Spain.

La Concha in San Sebastian

Located near the French border, La Concha is not only known as one of Spain’s finest beaches, but as one of the nicest beaches in all of Europe. There is enough sand and water accessibility to more than entertain the great amount of sun seekers that head its way on a daily basis. The beach is clean and well maintained and has a great deal of development around it, from first rate resorts to shopping and dining establishments, that only help it to be even that much more of a fun and exciting location.




Ses Illetes on Formentera
A little harder to get to than most beaches in Spain, the offerings of Ses Illetes on the island of Formentera are exquisite and never disappointing. These beaches on this island that sits off the coast of Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea are known as a somewhat quiet and secluded location. Development has come to these small islands, but they are still not nearly as traveled to as beaches on the mainland, making them a great destination for those seeking an experience of a little more relaxed and laid back level.

The Beaches of Sitges
The community of Sitges, located in Catalonia and very near to the much larger city of Barcelona, has a reputation as being one of Spain’s liveliest and most social vacation destination communities. There are a number of beaches in the area and all of them are treasured by locals and world travelers alike. Many of the beaches in the Sitges area are clothing optional and development in the form of fantastic resorts, wonderful restaurants, and unique and unusual shopping opportunities surround the beach front area.

Tarifa in Andalusia
One of the top destinations for those seeking a beach experience with a little more water recreation available to them is Tarifa located in the community of Andalusia. This beach has a lively nightlife surrounding it that lends itself to being popular with both young and old, but one of the main attractions are the recreational possibilities that can be experienced during the daytime. There are whale watching tours, windsurfing, ocean kayaking, boating, personal watercraft rentals, and more here very near to where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic.

Playa de Las Catedrales in Galicia
The best beach in all of Galicia, Playa de Las Catedrales is as visually stunning as it is fun and inviting. There is much to do here including sunbathing, beach activities, beach combing, and all sorts of water recreation. The unique and beautiful rock formations that line the coastline in this section of Spain offer visitors a number of photographic opportunities as well as a great chance to explore hidden away areas. This is one of the better beaches in Spain in terms of getting away from large crowds.

While there are a number of reasons to travel to Spain, one of the highlights of any visit is the relaxing time and fun pursuits that can be had at any of the country’s first class beaches. The beaches of Spain are legendary for the amount of good times they impart to the lucky travelers who choose them as either the reason for their vacation to the country, or at least as one of the sites they will visit while they are there. A visit to Spain can be a truly special experience, and the country’s beaches can play a large role in the amount of good times that a traveler coming to the country will have.

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