The Ten Best Beaches In The Entire United States

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There are many types of vacations that can be taken when visiting to or living in the United States of America. There are urban destinations that are full of excitement and diversity. There are protected natural lands that are great for a quiet introspective time spent communing with nature. There are even resort destinations where every desire and whim of the vacationer is catered to by the staff of the resort. One of the best vacations available though to those interested in something truly special is a visit to one of the many great beaches that the United States has to offer.

The United States of America is blessed with a number of great coastal regions, each one offering fabulous beach experiences. Visitors can head to the Northeast and experience a beach vacation near some of the earliest settled areas of the country. The Mid-Atlantic Coast has fabulous beaches and great coastal communities just waiting to host vacationers seeking fun in the sun and access to the water. The beaches of the Florida peninsula are famous the world over for their expansive sands and the exciting times that are had there. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the country are located along the Gulf Coast region of the United States. The beaches of California are also very famous and popular too with thousands of people flocking to them at all times of the year. The beaches of the Pacific Northwest feature rugged and wild natural areas that stretch right up to the shoreline. There are even great beaches found in the American interior at some of the beautiful lakes found there including Lake Tahoe, Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Flathead Lake, and the Great Lakes. From east to west and north to south, there are many great beach areas worth vacationing to in the United States. Visit these beautiful beach destinations and save with a travelocity promotional discount code. Travelocity makes it easier to travel to desinations throughout the United States.

Here though are the ten best beaches in the entire United States in no particular order:

1. Hampton Beach (New Hampshire)

For those looking for an active and lively place to go and experience some waterfront fun, a visit to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire is a must. Here visitors will find many opportunities to have a great amount of social experiences right on the beach. The area is famous for music concerts, boat races, food and beverage festivals, as well as many local celebrations too. There are some great accommodations available at Hampton Beach including some located closer into the community and both hotels and rental homes located right on the beach. Hampton Beach has the ability to deliver the classic New England beach experience that many vacationers are hoping to experience.

2. Hanalei Bay (Hawaii)

One of the most exhilarating beach experiences in the United States can be had at Hanalei Bay on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Palm trees line the more than two miles of open beach that is found at Hanalei Bay and the backdrop that this beautiful scenery creates is perfect for both relaxation and those seeking an active beach experience. There are few places in the United States that can claim they are more beautiful than the beach area found at Hanalei Bay. One of the strengths of the area is the fabulous amount of natural plant life that is found there. The beach is a little off the beaten path, but like any other top rated vacation destination, Hanalei Bay is well worth the effort it takes to get there.

3. Atlantic City (New Jersey)

The city of Atlantic City offers an incredibly unique beach vacation experience that no other destination can match. The beach area at Atlantic City, New Jersey is perfect for those wanting to fly kites, go swimming, enjoy the sun, people watch, go fishing, head out onto the water, and more. The beach is a lively place with a number of activities available both in the sand and overhead on any of the many piers that jut out from the coast over the open water. Running parallel to the beach area is the world’s longest boardwalk which is a great attraction in itself. Just on the other side of the boardwalk sits the many casinos, restaurants, and resort hotels that have made Atlantic City famous as a playground for adults seeking to getaway on the East Coast of the United States.

4. Coronado Beach (California)

The San Diego area is known for incredibly temperate weather and clean natural surroundings, both of these things help to make Coronado Beach one of the most beautiful and enjoyable beaches in all of Southern California. The beach is wide and has plenty of room for the many visitors that come to frequent it at all times of the year. It is long and flat making it perfect for picnickers and families with children wanting to play in the sand. Many visitors with experience traveling the world often liken Coronado Beach to somewhat of what can be experienced at a classic Mediterranean beach vacation destination. Coronado Beach truly has it all including beauty, warm weather, attractions, and a relaxed way of life.

5. Cape Hatteras National Seashore (North Carolina)

Stretching for more than 16 miles, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore is one of the more beautiful stretches of coastal area that America has to offer. It is located on the North Carolina coastline and includes a number of barrier islands that protect and shelter the coast from the ravages of the Atlantic Ocean. Many of the islands are inaccessible except for by boat or by plane. Here visitors will find themselves enjoying one of the most secluded and remote beach destinations left in the country. From fun in the sun to excitement on the water, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore area is something that truly must be experienced to be believed.

6. Siesta Key (Florida)

Located near Sarasota, Florida, Siesta Key is not the most visited beach on the Florida coast, but it is by far one of the nicest. Siesta Key is perfect for the vacationer seeking activity on the beach. Travelers going there can enjoy ocean kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, beach games, diving, snorkeling, parasailing, and the rental of motorized personal watercraft. The beach is long and flat and slopes gently down into the water. The crescent shape of the beach area sees somewhat mild waves, making it the perfect place to vacation with small children. A vacation at Siesta Key will be one spent enjoying the Florida coast the way it was meant to be experienced.

7. Hulopo’e Beach (Hawaii)

Hulopo’e Beach sits on the island of Lanai in Hawaii and offers one of the best beach experiences found not only in the state of Hawaii, but indeed the entire country. The white sand of Hulopo’e Beach stretches on seemingly forever and the gentle slope it has into the surrounding ocean water makes it perfect for everything from swimming to snorkeling. Those going there to enjoy the snorkeling will love the many offshore underwater coral and rock formations that are perfect for exploring and seeing up close and personal. Sweetheart Rock is located just off the beach and is a popular side trip for couples both young and old who want to spend a little quality one on one time in one of the more romantic areas of the island. A visit to Hulopo’e Beach will be one of the best memories of anyone’s Hawaiian vacation.

8. Cannon Beach (Oregon)

Located on the northern Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach is one of the more naturally beautiful beach areas on the West Coast. The beauty found at Cannon Beach is somewhat different from the more popular beaches of California, Hawaii, and Florida. Like the other beaches in the Pacific Northwest, Cannon Beach features a more rugged topography where rock formations and high cliffs come right up to the sandy beaches separating the coastal communities of Oregon from the Pacific Ocean. One of the top attractions near Cannon Beach is Haystack Rock which is a 235 foot tall sea stack that sits offshore at high tide, but can be reached by foot at low tide. This is one of the more popular places in the area to visit for those wanting to find treasures washed up from the sea. Travelers venturing to Cannon Beach should definitely bring their cameras as there are a great many things worth seeing and remembering there.

9. South Padre Island (Texas)

While not normally thought of as a beach vacation destination, the state of Texas in fact has a number of find beaches that are well worth traveling to. One of the nicest and most popular beach areas to experience there is South Padre Island. The beach at South Padre Island stretches for more than 30 miles and is some of the finest sand that can be found anywhere. The reasonably warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico lap at the beach and invite vacationers to come in and experience the fun and excitement of a truly high quality beach destination. The developed areas of the island feature great resorts and fun attractions, but it is the undeveloped areas that are still somewhat magical with their stunning beauty, interesting history, and their wealth of protected natural areas. A visit to South Padre Island will not be soon forgotten.

10. Cape Cod National Seashore (Massachusetts)

While not tops on the list for anyone wanting to experience year round hot weather suitable for hours and hours of sunbathing, the Cape Cod National Seashore has other things that continue to bring vacationers to it year after year. The Cape Cod National Seashore stretches for more than 40 miles in length and through that distance visitors can be treated to sandy beaches, wooded areas that reach right up to the beach, small coastal communities, historic harbors, and rocky coves and bays. Cape Cod National Seashore is not only perfect for those seeking to experience a vacation in a natural and undeveloped portion of America’s East Coast, but it is also perfect for those wanting to experience a coastal area that contains a great deal of important history from the early days of America as a country. For those seeking to explore the natural areas found on America’s coasts, a visit to the Cape Cod National Seashore is an absolute must.

While there are a number of fabulous vacation ideas out there, for most people nothing tops a vacation spent at one of the best beach destinations available. Whether someone lives in America or is visiting from outside of the country, they should definitely take advantage of the fact that the United States has some of the best beaches around. From wide expansive sands that welcome thousands of visitors on a daily basis to quiet and remote beaches where a visitor can truly feel that they have found a treasured location, there are more than enough great beach locations in America for every visitor seeking to venture out to a splendid coastal location. Any vacationer in or coming to the United States should feel completely safe in selecting any of the ten beaches listed above, or any of the other great coastal recreation points in the country, as the place where they will spend their precious vacation time. There is nothing quite like a beach vacation, and in no place is that more true than the United States of America.

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