The Ten Essential Attractions To See On The Island Of Malta

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bEveryone wants to go on a vacation that they will enjoy to the fullest and remember for the rest of their lives. Part of the fun when planning a vacation is choosing a destination that will be both satisfying to everyone involved in the trip, and going somewhere that the traveler has never gone before. One of the most unique and interesting places to travel to in the Mediterranean Sea area is the island of Malta.

Malta is located in the central Mediterranean sea south of Sicily and north of Tunisia. The island is home to less than half a million people and tourism is one of the biggest industries on the island. Being centrally located in the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Malta is also a transportation hub with cargo on it’s way to a number of nearby locations coming into the port regularly. Malta has been an independent nation since 1964 and has a rich history and a number of important landmarks and historical sites. Traveling to Malta can provide for a fun and exciting vacation, here is a look at ten of the essential attractions found there that a vacationer should definitely not miss out on.

Malta Aviation Museum – Attard

Malta Aviation Museum

Located in Attard, the Malta Aviation Museum is regularly claimed to be the highlight of many peoples’ trips to the area. The museum is very well equipped and delivers a great amount of information in very entertaining way. Restoration of vintage airplanes is ongoing, and sometimes the process is viewable by visitors to the museum.

Blue Grotto – Zurrieq

Located in the Zurrieq area, the Blue Grotto is something that should not be missed by tourists coming to the area. These seaside caverns are beautiful and amazing to see. Visitors should take the opportunity to have the once in a lifetime experience of swimming in the lagoons and enjoying the scenery.

Golden Sands Beach – St. Paul’s Bay

One of the most popular beaches in all of Malta is Golden Sands Beach on St. Paul’s Bay. The scenery is gorgeous and the access to the water provides for a unique and wonderful Mediterranean experience. Part of the fun of going to Malta is enjoying the beaches, and Golden Sands Beach is one of the nicest ones there.

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum – Paola

One of the highlights of a trip to Malta is a visit to Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. This is a very interesting historical and archaeological site that is available for tour when booked in advance. The tour leads travelers in both above and below ground areas, pointing out discoveries that have been made there over the years. It is easily one of the most memorable experiences available on Malta.

Popeye Village Fun Park – Mellieha

Popeye Village Fun Park is one of the most popular attractions on Malta, especially for families with children. Most visitors to Popeye Village Fun Park come away thinking that it was even much more fun there then they at first assumed they would have. The village portion of the fun park is actually the leftover movie set from the early 1980s Popeye movie starring Robin Williams, which is another great reason to see it in person.

Grand Master’s Palace – Valletta

One of the most fantastic buildings in all of Malta is the Grand Master’s Palace which serves as the office of the President of Malta as well as the House of Parliament. Also included in the building are two very well stocked museums. The art museum contains a number of pieces that are sure to intrigue those who visit the palace. The military museum houses a very good selection of weapons, uniforms, and other military artifacts. The Grand Master’s Palace is a definite must-see stop for anyone visiting Malta.

Mdina Glass – Mdina

The Mdina Glass Factory is a tourist stop that many visitors don’t know about and never take advantage of. This glass blowing factory offers tours where visitors can see the products being made right before their eyes. One of the most interesting places to visit in the entire area.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral – Valletta

When it comes to interesting architecture on the island of Malta, St. John’s Co-Cathedral is the place to go. This gorgeous cathedral amazes the bulk of the visitors that come it’s way. While the outside is impressive, it appears at first to be a little underwhelming. One foot inside the door though and the traveler is treated to some of the most ornate and breathtaking décor and design in the world.

Malta Classic Car Collection Museum – Qawra

Most people coming to Malta don’t expect to find a well stocked automobile museum there on the small island, but that is exactly what is there. With more than 70 cars on display, including many examples of some of the most famous and popular models, right along side some truly rare automobiles that most people have never seen before. There are both modern and antique automobiles on display and it is a nice stop for guests of any age.

Catacombs of St. Paul and St. Agatha’s Crypt – Rabat

Located in Rabat, the Catacombs of St. Paul and St. Agatha’s Crypt are a unique and interesting place worth visiting for anyone, regardless of their interests. Touring the catacombs provides travelers with a great way to learn about an interesting period of history in Malta. There are tour guides that are knowledgeable and make the entire process more enjoyable, or guests can also rent audio players that play an audio tour program as they walk about the site themselves.

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The Mediterranean Sea is home to a number of worthwhile and famous vacation destinations. These locations can be on the mainland shore or on islands located throughout the region. One of the more interesting vacation destinations though is the island of Malta which combines incredible history and culture with a number of features that are decidedly modern in nature. A trip to Malta could be one of the best destination decisions that any traveler could ever make.

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