There Are Many Exciting And Interesting Ways To Tour Washington D.C.

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One way for a vacationer to ensure that they have the best vacation possible is to head to a destination that they are not very familiar with. What this does is allow them to enjoy their vacation from the perspective that everything is new to them. When venturing to a new and interesting place where everything is new, the dangerous part is missing out on something because it isn’t known about. One of the best vacation destinations for travelers that have never been there before is the city of Washington D.C. To make sure that no important attractions are missed, a great idea is to take a tour. Visitors going to Washington D.C. for the first time will be happy to know that there are a phenomenal amount of tour options available to them.

By Foot

Though less ground can be covered when traveling by foot, a walking tour can allow a completely different and significantly more intimate experience because the traveler can get right up to and enter the different exhibits and attractions that are being seen. Visitors touring by foot can often also spend as much time as they would like at any particular sight that they are seeing. There are walking tours available in Washington D.C. that take visitors through different historical areas including monuments, the National Mall, and neighborhoods.

Food Tour

A completely unique and interesting way to see Washington D.C. is by taking part in a food tour. This type of a tour will lead the visitor around the city, stopping at a number of significant and important eating establishments. During the course of the tour, a number of sights will be seen too, and a great deal of little known information can be learned.

By Bus

Touring Washington D.C. by bus is a great idea for anyone, but is an exceptional idea for travel groups or large families. This is a good way for visitors to stay together and see everything at the same time without having to either split up or have one person in the group concentrate on driving. Most bus tours feature extremely knowledgeable tour guides who have a great time ensuring that their guests are entertained and informed at the very same time. Seeing Washington D.C. by tour bus is very easy, thanks in large part to the many companies offering such services.

Themed Tours

Another great way to see the city of Washington D.C. is as part of a themed tour. Themed tours are usually available at significant historical attractions or areas of the city. Themed tours often involve a tour guide dressed in period costume who may or may not interact with the vacationer as if they are from a specific period from history. Another sort of themed tour available is a tour that involves seeing only attractions related to one time in, or aspect of, history such as the Civil War or law making buildings. A themed tour can be a real hit with both adults and children.

On Bike

For those travelers coming to Washington D.C., wanting to see the sights, and also wanting to participate in an activity, then a bike tour may be just what they want. There are a number of bike tour companies that rent out bicycles and have tour guides lead groups through some of the important historical neighborhoods and up to the steps of many of the notable landmarks and monuments in the city. This is a great way to get some exercise and see the city at the same time.

Self Guided

One of the more flexible ways to tour the city of Washington D.C. is through one of the many self-guided tours that are available there. A self-guided tour allows a lot more flexibility for a couple or family because they can go at their own speed, skip attractions or sights that don’t interest them, and spend a longer amount of time at attractions that warrant it. Another advantage of a self-guided tour is that it can be broken up into a morning and an afternoon, or even done over two days if a schedule calls for it. A self-guided tour is a great idea for anyone visiting Washington D.C., but is especially useful for those needing flexibility or those who have visited the nation’s capital before.

By Segway

Segways are a unique way to get around. These motorized upright scooters allow travelers to easily navigate miles of sidewalks and at the same time allow the user to get much closer to specific attractions than many other methods of travel do. Helpful tour guides also add to the enjoyment of the tour with some great information. Travelers touring parts of the capital by Segway will also get the benefit of experimenting with a completely new way of travel.

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Washington D.C. is one of the best destinations for tourists to spend their vacations at, but the best way to make sure that they don’t miss anything in this amazing city is to take one of the many tours that are available there. There are not only tours available of different attractions and features within the city, there are different ways to take those tours as well. Matching up the right attraction to the right tourist is an essential part of making a vacation all that it should be. Matching up the specific type of tour is also important. Some travelers may thrive on taking a self-guided or individual tours of different sights, while others may prefer going on group tours where everyone is involved on a collective basis. The many different types of tours available in Washington D.C. help to make it the incredible vacation destination that it is.

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