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Most people look forward the entire year for their vacation to come along. Vacations are a welcome thing because they provide a great break from the tediousness of everyday life. A well planned vacation can recharge a person and make them happier and ready to tackle the everyday issues that they have to face back home. Vacations also give the individual or family a chance to experience new and interesting things that they otherwise may never have the chance to see and do.

As fun and exciting as most vacations are, they also come along with their fair share of stress. There are a number of uncomfortable issues that arise when planning a vacation including paying for the whole trip, budgeting how much money needs to spent on which items and which days, planning activities and finding things to do, and more. One of the best ways to avoid many of those tough issues though is to take a vacation to an all-inclusive resort.  Some great discounts on these all-inclusive resorts can be obtained with an Expedia coupon.  Sometimes these coupons can result in signifcant discounts or benefits in all-inclusive resorts, such as free nights, dollars off or any other additional perks.

All-inclusive resorts offer a great chance to escape from the stress that can come with a vacation by including almost everything needed for a vacation to be successful in with the price of the vacation package. This can mean that all meals are included in the price and a family no longer has to budget how much money to spend on food each day. This can also mean that activities done at the resort are included in the price of the trip, meaning that motorized watercraft rental or other experiences don’t have to be paid for each day. This can have the effect of everyone in the family having a better time as well as giving them a sense of freedom in that they can do what they want to do, when they want to do it, without worrying about paying for an activity twice. Many all-inclusive resorts also include trips and tours that take guests away from the resort to where they can experience nearby landmarks or attractions first hand. All-inclusive resorts are available to take advantage of in many destinations around the country and around the world, including some of the most popular locations with tourists from everywhere.

Some of the top vacation destinations that feature all-inclusive resorts include:


The island nation of Jamaica has a rich history and a laid back atmosphere. Both of these features are available to be enjoyed by anyone that goes there, but especially those that go there as part of an all-inclusive vacation where their stay, food, and activities are largely already paid for.

Cabo San Lucas

One of the most beautiful coastal destinations in the nation of Mexico is Cabo San Lucas. This deep water port city offers fun things to do in the city and on the beach. For those that go there and stay at any of the all-inclusive resorts in and around the city, they don’t have to worry nearly as much about the incidental expenses associated with many of the activities that for them are included in their stay.


Many people have a vision or dream of what their perfect vacation includes. For some of them, the only exotic destination they’ve ever really wanted to go to is Hawaii. The island of Maui is one of the most beautiful places to travel to in Hawaii, and there is no better way to experience it than as part of an all-inclusive stay at one of the famous resorts found there.

Walt Disney World

Vacationing at Walt Disney World, or any of the Disney owned properties, is one of the best ways to treat children to the time of their lives. There is a huge amount of fun waiting to be had in the theme park areas, but these good times are made even better when staying at one of the many Disney resorts which bring the joy of the park back to the hotel. Walt Disney World also offers all-inclusive vacation packages which can make the entire Disney vacation idea that much better.

Rio de Janeiro

When a vacationer is looking for a vibrant and active city to head to, there are few that can compete with the city of Rio de Janeiro in beautiful Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, known around the world as simply Rio, offers some of the most fun beach experiences that anyone could ever have. There are also great attractions in the city and the surrounding area too. For those thinking of going to Rio de Janeiro, doing so as part of an all-inclusive vacation will only enhance the entire trip.


The island of Aruba has a completely different feel to it than many other island vacation destinations in the Caribbean region. The things that can be enjoyed on the island though, from the cities and communities to the beach and the surf are definitely top notch though. Booking an all-inclusive resort stay on the island of Aruba is the best way to have a great stress free vacation in this exotic location.

The Florida Coast

When it comes to vacationing on the American mainland, there are few places that are as popular and exciting as the coast of Florida. The warm sun, pristine sand, and access to the beautiful waters of either the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico are all great reasons to visit the state of Florida. Doing so as part of an all-inclusive stay makes it even better though.

The Bahamas

The islands of the Bahamas are located just off the coast of Florida and offer a very convenient opportunity to enjoy an exotic location. The things there are to do in the Bahamas are incredible and include deep sea fishing, sunbathing, snorkeling, boating, hiking, beach combing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, and more. Enjoying the Bahamas while staying at an all-inclusive resort just makes a lot of sense for both couples as well as families.


Another one of the absolutely gorgeous Mexican vacation destinations available for tourists to enjoy is the city of Mazatlan. Mazatlan is popular as a destination for both those seeking to go there as well as those taking a cruise along the coast of Mexico. The sun, surf, sand, and all the enjoyable things in the community are enjoyed best by those that are visiting there as part of their all-inclusive vacation package.


The tiny nation of Belize is on the Central American mainland, but culturally is usually grouped with the nations of the Caribbean. There are a number of natural wonders and scenic things to see in Belize, but the overall number one attraction is the huge barrier reef located just offshore. Enjoying Belize and all it has to offer is simple when a vacation at an all-inclusive resort is booked.

A vacation is meant to be a stress free and enjoyable time that is had by everyone involved. This isn’t always what happens though once the plane tickets are purchased and the reservations are made. One of the best ways to insure that a vacation not only goes off without a hitch, but also is as stress free as possible is to take that vacation at an all-inclusive resort. An all-inclusive resort allows for either a couple or the parents of a family to be able to enjoy the vacation because everything, or nearly everything, about the vacation is already paid for. There is no longer a reason to worry about most daily expenses or what activities can be done or afforded, because it has been arranged and paid for beforehand. For one of the best and most enjoyable experiences ever, all a vacationer has to do is schedule their trip to one of the many locations that offers an all-inclusive stay.

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