Top Five Must See Attractions In Venice

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One of the most rewarding places in Europe, if not the entire world, to travel to is the city of Venice, Italy.  Venice is known primarily for the many canals that have been used as the primary mode of transportation there for centuries.  The experiences available when visiting Venice are truly unbelievable and entirely memorable.  Seeing the sights of the city from the canals is one of the best ways to experience this one of a kind place.  But there is more to Venice than just spending time viewing it from the canals, the city is also home to a number of other first class attractions.

Venice has some of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in the world.  There are a number of absolutely beautiful religious buildings, government buildings, and even bridges and other structures.  There are also a number of markets and plazas, called piazzas, in the city where locals gather.  These are the perfect location for a tourist to visit and get a real taste of what life in Venice is really like.  There are wonderful photography options all over the city and many of the most famous photographs of European sights are taken in the city of Venice.

Here is a look at five must see attractions in the city of Venice.

Saint Mark’s Basilica

St. Marks Basilica

One of the most famous of all the sights in Venice is Saint Mark’s Basilica.  This famous building appeals to many different people on many different levels.  It is a very important religious site that was consecrated in 832AD.  The architectural design of the building is amazing for a number of reasons, the least of which is the amount of time that it has survived.  The building blends styles from both the east and the west in terms of building design.  There is also a decent amount of important artwork located within the building that is also worth seeing.  Saint Mark’s Basilica is routinely rated as one of the best places to visit in the city, and most tourists leave the city with a number of photographs of this absolutely gorgeous building.

Doge’s Palace

Doges Palace

Like most of the buildings located in Venice, Doge’s Palace is truly beautiful.  The building is also very important in the history of the city as it is one of the oldest still standing governmental buildings located there.  Prior to the fall of the Venetian Republic in the late 1700s, Doge’s Palace served as the Senate House, hall of justice, and prison.  A nearby structure that shouldn’t be missed too is the Bridge of Sighs which is a short stone bridge that connects Doge’s Palace with the old prison on the other side of the canal.  This bridge is completely enclosed and the windows in it even have bars made of stone.  Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs are two sights that are necessities for anyone visiting Venice to see.

Grand Canal

Most people come to Venice with visions of exploring the city via the vast canal network there.  For those seeking to hit the canals, the Grand Canal is something to be experienced.  It is along the Grand Canal that many of the more important palaces in the city are located.  The Grand Canal is also a wonderful spot for taking photographs and watching the gondolas and other watercraft move about this city surrounded by water.  The boating skills put on display by those that regularly pilot these waters is something that must be seen to be believed.  One of the first things that people visiting the Grand Canal notice is the amazing colors that are included both in the architecture of the buildings as well as the shops that line the canal and the goods that are offered there.  This is one of the most picturesque attractions in the entire city.



The island of Lido is another of the top attractions in the city of Venice.  Vacationers can reach Lido in a number of ways, but one of the most affordable and efficient ways is by vaporetto.  Once on the island, a great amount of fun can be had exploring the sandy beaches, interesting roadways, hidden coves and lagoons, and active marinas and communities.  Those staying in Venice for a significant amount of time will immediately notice that Lido is somewhat less tourist packed and a little more low key.  Biking around the island is popular and there are a number of places to rent bicycles from.  The dining and shopping opportunities are also top notch and can often be one of the best parts about visiting the Venice area.  While a Venice vacation is an event that is indeed something hard to forget, a trip to the island of Lido makes it even more unforgettable.

Rialto Market

One of the best ways to experience the real Venice, the Venice that the locals see on a daily basis, is to visit the Rialto Market.  The Rialto Market is home to some of the nicest foods and goods available in the city.  It is a real treat to show up at the market in the early morning hours and watch the area wake up and come to life.  Some of the best photographs taken in the area can be taken from the Rialto Bridge.  Anyone who walks amongst the many stalls selling goods there is sure to find something that they desire.  The Rialto Market is famous, and not just in Venice, as one of the best ways to accomplish both shopping and seeing just a slice of the day to day life of the people of Venice.

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Visiting Venice allows the vacationer to experience a city that is unlike any other city in the entire world.  Venice offers fun outdoor experiences, incredible amounts of history and historical sites, wonderful cultural attractions, and some of the best shopping and dining in all of Italy.  A visit to Venice usually goes down as one of the top experiences in most people’s lives.  The city not only matches many other cities in terms of quality of things to do, it far surpasses them when it is considered how much of the city is either surrounded by, or under, water.  A trip to Venice is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of nearly every traveler’s life.

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