Top Ten Great Places To Visit On A Trip To The Bahamas

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There are a number of exciting and beautiful destinations around the world for vacationers to choose from each and every year. Some of the most popular destinations involve tropical locations with beautiful beaches and access to the ocean. One of the best destinations that fits this description is the Bahamas. A visit to the Bahamas can be the perfect vacation for the many people that go there and the main reason for this is the phenomenal amount of things to do there. Here are just ten of the great places to see on a trip to the Bahamas.

Aquaventure at Atlantis Paradise Island
Many travelers coming to the Bahamas pass on what they think is just another waterpark. Aquaventure at Atlantis Paradise Island is anything but just another waterpark though. It is a waterpark like most people have never seen before. There is something for children and adults of all ages in the park and a great time is usually had by the entire family. From tubing rides, to floating down lazy rivers, and of course thrilling waterslides, a visit to Aquaventure at Atlantis Paradise Island is a must.

Balcony House
The oldest structure in the capital city of Nassau is Balcony House. It has had a long and fascinating history through the years and today is a great museum that focuses on life during the early days of this island paradise. The colonial house is in amazing condition and the interior has gone through a painstaking restoration process that has returned it to what it looked like when it was used to entertain some of the most famous guests who came to the islands.

Blue Lagoon Island
Blue Lagoon Island is a wonderful destination for a day trip or even repeat visits and longer stays. There are a number of things to see and do on the island, many involving fun in the surf and sand. By far the most impressive and popular things to do and see involve the wildlife that can be interacted with there. The sea lions that come right up to the islands are an impressive sight, but nothing will prepare a traveler for the thrill of participating in a swim with dolphins.

Cape Santa Maria
Cape Santa Maria is one of the smaller islands in the Bahamas, but is is also one of the best ones to either visit or stay at. This small island is famous around the world for the pristine beaches that it offers to the guests that come there. From accommodations, to food, to friendly staff, Cape Santa Maria has it all. The seclusion of the beach will be a welcome change from the more crowded beaches in other areas.

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Christ Church Cathedral
A visit to Christ Church Cathedral in the capital city of Nassau is something that anyone with even the slightest interest in the local history of the island paradise they are staying at should do. The interesting architecture of this grand building built in the early to mid 1800s is striking and beautiful. If the schedule permits though, there is nothing quite like taking in a service at Christ Church Cathedral, it is an experience that will stay with the visitor for the rest of their life.

Deadman’s Reef
One of the best locations in the Bahamas to experience the joy of snorkeling is at Deadman’s Reef. The quality of the experience had at Deadman’s Reef is far superior than that which can be had at the normal diving locations booked through cruise lines or travel agents. The Bahamas are a beautiful sight above water, but the things seen below the surface of the clear blue water will help to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Elbow Cay
Another of the great smaller island destinatons in the Bahamas to go to is Elbow Cay. The locals here have a reputation as being extremely friendly and helpful. The restaurants, shops, and hotels are all very nice and offer some of the best stays in the islands. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous and the waterfront area is active and interesting. A visit to the red and white striped lighthouse is the perfect way to cap off a trip to Elbow Cay.

Fort Charlotte
One of the most popular stops for all kinds of travelers coming to the Bahamas, but especially those with children, is Fort Charlotte. Adults will appreciate the historical significance of the fort and the role it has played in the history of the islands. Children will appreciate running through the open areas and exploring all of the passageways of the fort, especially the underground secret tunnels. This is one of the best places for anyone visiting the Bahamas to experience.

Gold Rock Beach
Routinely rated by visitors to the Bahamas as not only the best beach in the nation there, but possibly in the world, Gold Rock Beach has everything anyone wanting to spend the day at the beach needs. There is wonderful crystal clear water to play and swim in. There are interesting rock formations and offshore reefs to explore from above the water and also while snorkeling. And the surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous, especially at sunset. Gold Rock Beach is perfect for couples looking for a romantic time near the water, as well as families with children who can’t get enough of the beach experience.

The Bahamas are one of the most popular vacation destinations for a very good reason, they simply offer something for nearly everyone who travels there. There are a great many chances to experience water recreation, wonderful opportunities to have fun or relax on the beach, and interesting chances to experience everyday life in the islands. From strolling through the streets of one of the many communities there to making a temporary home on the beach, the Bahamas offers so many things to do that it is actually surprising that even more people don’t plan for their vacations to take them there every year. A visit to the Bahamas is an experience that most travelers will want to experience again and again.

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