Top Ten Things To Do On A Vacation To Cancun, Mexico

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One of the most popular vacation destinations in the entire nation of Mexico is the gorgeous and exciting coastal city of Cancun. Cancun sits on the Yucatan Peninsula, right on the Yucatan Channel which separates Mexico from Cuba, and has offered entertainment for tourists for decades. The heart of the city is found on the mainland and is where most of the shops, restaurants, and markets that are frequented by locals are. Just offshore from the mainland sits a long narrow island that juts out farther into the water; it is there that most of the modern resorts and popular beaches are located. Exploring the entirety of Cancun, including the inland areas away from the water, is the best way to come away from this popular destination with the best experience possible. The amount of fun, exciting, and satisfying things to do in Cancun is truly amazing.

Here is a look at just ten of the great things to do for those going to Cancun for their vacation.

Explore Below The Surface Of The Water

Some of the most amazing sights to see on a vacation to Cancun are actually found below the surface of the water. There are a number of tour boats and outfitters that offer guided trips out on the water where supervised dives and chances to interact with the local marine life can be had. Any chance to get out and explore the water in this way can end up being the best part of a vacation. The chance to venture below the surface of the water and see, and sometimes touch, these beautiful animals is something that should not be passed up.

Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark

A great place for the entire family to take refuge from the pounding sun, the crowded and wild beaches, and the more developed areas of Cancun is by making a visit to the Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark that is located there. Kids will especially like the chance to play in the water in a number of settings. The waterpark is unique in that it also offers children and adults a chance to interact with actual dolphins. The Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark offer a completely unique way of having fun in Cancun that cannot be had elsewhere. It’s a definite must see attraction for anyone spending any amount of time in this fun and exciting vacation hot spot.

Take An Adventure Tour

Cancun has a number of adventure tours that are available that take visitors to interesting activities like jungle ziplines, tree platforms, rope bridges, and more. This is a great way for the vacationer to get out and enjoy the outdoors in the Cancun area and at the same time experience things that are usually not experienced back home. Adventure tours in the Cancun area offer guests the chance to see and do things they have never done before. These visitors not only have fun, but the fun they have is often some of the most extreme types of entertainment around. Taking an adventure tour while visiting Cancun is one of the best ways to have a truly unforgettable experience in this vacation paradise.

Visit The Interactive Aquarium

For those that want to see and feel some of the incredible undersea wildlife that can be found in the Cancun area, but don’t want to venture out on a boat, the Interactive Museum is exactly what is needed. This completely unique attraction allows visitors to swim with dolphins, touch and feel sea urchins, and even feed sharks in a safe but exciting atmosphere. The Interactive Aquarium is popular with young and old, those interested in wildlife, and those looking for new and exciting experiences. The Interactive Aquarium is one of the top attractions in the Cancun area.

Hit The Beach

One of the best things about Cancun, and one of the top reasons that it is a high profile vacation destination, are the incredible beaches that are found there. The long sandy beaches offer plenty of space for the tremendous amount of social activity that takes place there, and also provides a good opportunity to access the beautiful water there. There are a number of beaches in Cancun and the surrounding area, many of them geared toward active and exciting experiences, though there are also remote and secluded ones as well.

Enjoy Some Great Golfing

In recent years, golfing has exploded in popularity in Cancun. This shouldn’t surprise most people who have been there. The warm sun, fun social setting, and beautiful scenery all help make it an excellent place to spend in the outdoors. There are few better ways to spend time in the outdoors in Cancun than on one of the many beautiful golf courses there. Some of the best golf courses in Cancun include the Riviera Cancun, Hilton Cancun Golf Course, Playa Paraiso Golf Course, El Camaleon, Pok-ta-Pok Golf Course, and more.

Get Out On The Water

Another of the biggest reasons that millions of people head to Cancun each and every year is because of the ease of access to the water there, and all the fun things that can be done on the water. From fun social experiences to rare opportunities to interact with a side of nature that most travelers never get, getting out on the water in Cancun is a real treat. Some of the many ways to enjoy the water of Cancun include swimming, kayaking, sailing, boat tours, snorkeling, diving, motorized watercraft rental, and more. Getting out on the water is one of the best ways to enjoy Cancun and the surrounding area.

Hit the Bars, Nightspots, and Dance Clubs

Cancun has been known as a hot spot for partying and socializing for decades. The city is set up to cater to vacationers, both young and old, who are interested in getting out and having a good time. There are great places to go out and enjoy adult beverages and social gatherings all throughout the city, but some of the best places to go are the bars, clubs, and dance spots that can be found there. Many of these hot spots are found within the many resorts in Cancun, but others are found in the developed downtown area. Some of the most popular spots to go to are located right along the water and beach areas that are also popular during the daytime. Partying is not only fun and entertaining in Cancun, it is also very easy to do thanks to all of the high quality bars, nightspots, and dance clubs there.

Explore The Inland Areas Around Cancun

While Cancun is most famous for the fabulous beaches, incredible water, luxurious resorts, vibrant downtown area, and wonderful opportunities for both shopping and eating out, it is much more than that too. In the surrounding inland areas there are a number of opportunities to have a great time including visiting some of the protected natural areas and visiting the surrounding smaller communities. One of the best ways to see some of the undeveloped inland areas in the Cancun area is to go on a back country tour. These tours are usually done either on four wheel drive all terrain vehicles or in four wheel drive multi-passenger vehicles. Getting out of the city and enjoying the surrounding landscape is a great way to see a side of Cancun that most people never get the chance to.

La Isla Shopping Mall

The top attractions in Cancun include the resorts, bars, water, and beaches that can be found there. One of the fun ways to enjoy the city though is to take the opportunity to get out and go shopping there. Thee are a number of great shopping locations in Cancun, including everything from resort boutiques to open street markets, but one of the most popular shopping places to head to is La Isla Shopping Mall. The La Isla Shopping Mall is not the typical suburban shopping mall, it’s mostly open air, has a small waterway that runs through it’s entirety, and offers a wide variety of shops to browse through. The La Isla Shopping Mall is also a popular place to head to in order to find a bite to eat and do some very interesting people watching too. A great time shopping can be had by the vacationer who gets out and samples everything that the La Isla Shopping Mall has to offer.

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It doesn’t take long being in Cancun to realize exactly why so many people who go on a vacation there keep coming back again and again. For those wanting to experience a beautiful vacation surrounded by natural attractions and scenery, Cancun can provide just that. But for those that want to get out, let their hair down, and experience the more exciting side of a world class vacation destination, hitting the town and the beaches of Cancun is exactly what is needed. Cancun is more than just a wild vacation destination frequented by college students and young people though, it truly is an exotic paradise where nearly everyone can have the time of their lives.

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