Top Ten Things You Must Do When in Milwaukee

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One of the more interesting cities in the Midwestern region of the United States is the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The city of Milwaukee is famous for its association with the beer industry and a number of breweries are located within the city. The city also has a longstanding history with industry and shipping, thanks in large part to its location on the shores of northern Lake Michigan. Milwaukee has a great deal of entertaining things to do that it can offer to visitors spending a long weekend or an entire vacation there. Here is a look at ten of the things any visitor coming to Milwaukee should try and do while in town.

Milwaukee Art Museum

With more than fifteen thousand works of art housed inside it, the Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the best art museum in the American Midwest. Many visitors coming to the city regularly cite it as one of the biggest surprises they had while visiting, based on how exceptional it is. There are pieces in the museum created by such amazing artists as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and more.

Harley-Davidson Museum

Harley Davidson Museum. One of the must see things in Milwakee.

One of the more unique specialty museum in the area, the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee is incredibly interesting, even to those who are not into motorcycles. There are a number of interactive exhibits and through the whole process visitors can come away knowing about a great deal more than just Harley-Davidsons and motorcycles. The museum has multiple restaurants on site and it is an easy place to spend more than just a couple of hours at.

Miller Brewing Company

Milwaukee is known the world over for its history as a beer producing city. A visit to the Miller Brewing Company is a chance for the entire family to tour the third largest brewery in the entire world. Here tourists will learn about the beer making process, including everything from growing the hops to putting the final product in the bottle. As an added bonus there are even free samples of Miller Brewing Company products available at the end of the tour. The price is right too as this tour is offered free of charge.

Basilica of St. Josephat

One of the more beautiful and significant architectural structures in all of Milwaukee, and the entire Midwest for that matter, the Basilica of St. Josephat is a gorgeous sight to see. Visitors coming to view this important building should bring along their cameras as it provides a number of unique angles and composition features that will impress and delight those interested in photography. The Basilica of St. Josephat is also conveniently located very near to a number of other downtown Milwaukee attractions too.

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

For families traveling in the vicinity of Milwaukee, a stop at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum is an absolute must. Unlike many big city children’s museums, the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum has a very large collection of exhibits that are specifically geared towards very young children. There are hands on exhibits that make learning fun, science displays, and even play areas that still manage to incorporate a good amount of learning. A great stop to make the kids feel like their entertainment is important too.

The Milwaukee Brewers & Miller Park

Miller Park is home to Milwaukee’s entry in Major League Baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers have been a much loved team in their home town and there are a number of wonderful promotions and special events that are held and offered at the park on the same day that games are scheduled there. Taking in a Milwaukee Brewers game is a great way to experience baseball played by the best players in the world.

Pabst Mansion

Another of the architecturally significant buildings with an important local history behind it is the Pabst mansion. This home that resembles a castle was built by beer baron Captain Frederick Pabst, and includes over thirty-five rooms and fourteen fireplaces. Touring the Pabst Mansion is a great way to get a taste of what life was like for the upper crust of society in the late 19th century. The staff that gives the tours is also dressed in dated clothing and they are very knowledgeable about both the mansion itself and also Milwaukee history too.

Milwaukee Public Market

A great way to get a figurative taste of life in Milwaukee, as well as an actual taste of it, is to go to the Milwaukee Public Market. Here visitors will find a fine selection of produce, wine, baked goods, seafood, cheeses, candies, and more. It is really easy to come away from the Milwaukee Public Market with an armful of goodies to share with the entire family. There is also free parking and a number of meal eating opportunities available at the market too.

Oak Leaf Trail

Few major cities have the kind of public asset that Milwaukee can brag about with it’s famous Oak Leaf Trail. This trail, or to be more accurate network of trails, covers more than ninety-six miles and offers a completely unique way to see the city. Bikers, joggers, and walkers can use the trail for exercise and as a way to get from one place to another while still enjoying the great outdoors. Of particular interest are the sections of trail that lead right along the shore of Lake Michigan. There are a number of bike rental companies in the city that offer tourists without bikes a great chance to spend time on the trails as well.

Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory

The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, known locally as The Domes, is a wonderful place to head to in order to appreciate horticulture and still remain in the middle of a large urban area. Cameras are a necessity at The Domes as there are a huge number of picture taking opportunities that are available to visitors with an appreciation for natural beauty. The Domes also features a number of rotating exhibits that are highly interesting and have a way of keeping the attraction fresh so that repeat visitors can always see something new. The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory is a great place during day or night, but is especially beautiful during some of the many special events that are held there.

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When it comes to vacation destinations, Milwaukee is usually not at the top of the list, but there are a phenomenal amount of entertainment options in the city. Visitors to Milwaukee can enjoy everything from a world class art museum to a professional sporting event. The city has a long history with the beer industry, and many attractions in the city are related to that association. The city also makes great use of being located right on the shores of the beautiful and impressive Lake Michigan. A visit to Milwaukee, or a stop in the city while driving through the area, can be one of the highlights of a vacation. The city simply offers something for everyone lucky enough to head its way.

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