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Montreal is an incredible unique city that is not completely understood by many people who have never been there. Once visiting the city, the best way to experience it as the residents do is by immersing one’s self in the local culture, and that involves visiting the different neighborhoods that make up this vibrant international city. The city of Montreal offers a culture that is rather unique to most people from other areas of North America. The city is much more complex than that though and is made up of specific neighborhoods that each offer their own culture which is evident in the restaurants, bars, businesses, churches, parks, gardens, and other attractions that are found there. The neighborhoods of Montreal, along with the residents that live there, are what give the city its strength and uniqueness.

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The most vibrant area in the city of Montreal is the downtown section. This is where most of the best restaurants, hottest clubs, and nicest boutiques can be found. The downtown area is home to a wide variety of people including business professionals, artists, and even students. There is always something going on in Downtown Montreal, and travelers from outside the area are always welcome to join in and enjoy the fun. This is a great part of the city to head to for the chance to go shopping at some of the more popular and famous stores there.

Old Montreal and Old Port

An area of Montreal that should definitely not be missed is Old Montreal and Old Port. Here travelers can visit some amazing museums, frequent some fabulous locally owned retail shops, and even take in a performance by a street performer. The architecture that can be seen in Old Montreal gives a good look at what the city must have looked like more than a century ago. The harbour area in the Old Port section of town is busy and a fun place to spend some quality time relaxing and watching the comings and goings there.

Mount Royal Area

One of the most famous areas of the city of Montreal is the Mount Royal area. Mount Royal is the home of one of the more fabulous urban green spaces that can be found anywhere. It was actually originally designed by the same landscape architect that designed New York City’s famous Central Park. This is a huge urban playground that provides things to do for both children and adults. From fun activities that can be participated in to quiet gardens that are perfect for picnicking or relaxation, the Mount Royal Area is something that should definitely be experienced.

Plateau Mont-Royal

One of the most unique neighborhoods in Montreal is an area defined as Plateau Mont-Royal. Here residents and businesses are sometimes located side-by-side and the dynamic provided by the interesting mix of people helps to create one of the most fun and inviting atmospheres that any urban area could hope to have. For those wondering what the real Montreal looks like, the best place to go to see it would be the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood. This area of the city is just a short walk away from the Mount Royal area which only adds to the amount of fun one can have should they head there for part of their day.

Little Italy

When it’s time to eat, one of the best places for anyone to head to when visiting Montreal is the Little Italy area of the city. While there are a vast number of well thought of restaurants available to eat at in Montreal’s Little Italy, that isn’t all that can be found there. There are also great dance clubs, bars, clothing stores, and more there. There are also some wonderful outdoor spaces available in the neighborhood that can be enjoyed with an outdoor meal or just a nice chance for some interesting people watching. A visit to Montreal’s Little Italy is a great idea for nearly anyone wanting to experience something unique and interesting in the city.

Parc Jean-Drapeau

Located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River that flows right by Montreal, Parc Jean Drapeau is a fun and exciting playground for the residents of and visitors to the city. There are acres of flower gardens worth exploring and a enough area to provide for quiet times for nearly everyone who heads its way. Among the many other things that can be found in the Parc Jean-Drapeau area are museums, an amusement park, outdoor swimming pools, beaches, and pathways suitable for walking and biking. During the summertime and warmer months, there are also a great many local festivals and celebrations that are held there that can be enjoyed. One of the funnest places in all of Montreal is the Parc Jean-Drapeau.

West Island

For any visitor spending significant time in Montreal and looking for an escape from the development, crowds, and hustle and bustle of the city, the perfect area to head to is West Island. The sights that can be seen on West Island are completely different from any other area in Montreal. There are long winding roads, beautiful park areas, fabulous country homes, wide open spaces, and small charming shops and cafes. The Heritage Route is a 44 mile long bicycle path that leaves out of the West Island neighborhood and explores the local countryside. West Island is a welcome retreat that serves as a great escape from the city of Montreal, but is also conveniently located right nearby.

Pole des Rapides

Pole des Rapides is one of the most treasured natural areas in and around the Montreal area, and is a neighborhood all to itself. Pole des Rapides stretches for more than 10 miles in length and is part recreational area, part historical site, and part relaxation destination. This historic greenway is located literally minutes from the downtown neighborhood, but is distinctively different from the nearby office buildings and high rise condominiums and apartment buildings. The area is big enough to occupy visitors, whether locals or tourists, for a large part of the day, but is convenient enough that it isn’t unreasonable to use it for just a quick getaway from the more developed area of the city too. Many Montreal residents rate Pole des Rapides as one of the areas they love the most in their city.

The Village

Known around the city and the nation of Canada as the home to Montreal’s alternative lifestyle, The Village is a fun place for anyone to visit, regardless of their interests or backgrounds. The Village features great social hot spots, local public celebrations, great live performances, and of course unforgettable sights and sounds. Sainte Catherine Street is by far one of the most looked forward to areas to explore by many. This main thoroughfare is closed from June through September and is transformed into a huge outdoor shopping mall and open marketplace. To say that visiting Montreal’s Village will leave the traveler with memories unmatched by any other city is by far a huge understatement.

Montreal is one of the most vibrant cities that anyone could ever choose to visit. There are active areas of the community where nightclubs, dance clubs, and even outdoor celebrations are not only common, but a regular part of the community. There are also areas of Montreal that contain a wealth of parks and gardens too. Whether wanting to experience an exciting and thrilling time, or wanting to relax in luxury and comfort, Montreal has an option that it can offer the traveler that chooses it as their vacation destination. The neighborhoods of Montreal each have their own identity and each offer an entirely different selection of things to do that are distinctive from the other neighborhoods in the city. By not only embracing the things the tourist wants to do in the city, but also by jumping right in and exploring the neighborhoods of the Montreal, a visitor vacationing there can enjoy it on a level that other travelers will never know.

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