Vacation In Las Vegas And Visit The Grand Canyon

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When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, many people choose to focus on locations that offer an incredible amount of things to do. The city of Las Vegas offers a wide variety attractions and experiences. Visitors interested in the great outdoors can visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Lake Mead. Those coming to the city with an interest in wildlife can experience large aquariums and white tigers. But for something really incredible, visitors can take part in a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon, at more that 270 miles long, is one of the more impressive and popular tourist attractions in the entire United States. The canyon offers visitors the chance to see one of the most incredible sights in the world The canyon walls contain many different colors and are stunning when viewed up close. When viewed from afar, the Grand Canyon can be equally impressive as seemingly goes on forever. Millions of visitors trek to the Grand Canyon each and every year, most of them get there by car or by tour bus, visitors to Las Vegas can get there by helicopter.

The Strip
Easily the most popular sight to see in the entire city of Las Vegas is the famous Las Vegas Strip. The strip offers sights like the fountains of the Bellagio, the Sirens of Treasure Island, the skyline and roller coaster of the New York New York, the canals of the Venetian, and more. There are incredible shopping opportunities, eating opportunities, and more. There is also nothing like seeing it from high in the sky above as a traveler heads out on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead
Hoover Dam was completed in 1936 and was the largest concrete structure in the world at the time. It is still impressive to see, and especially so when viewing it out of the window of a helicopter. Many of the tour companies offering helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas first take their guests out for an aerial view of Hoover Dam. Lake Mead is the reservoir that is backed up behind Hoover Dam and it also offers a wonderful viewing experience. Lake Mead extends 112 miles behind the dam and has an interesting layout to it’s shoreline.

The flight down to the Grand Canyon again offers some great views and wonderful scenery, especially for anyone who is appreciative of the desert. Most of the pilots are very knowledgeable about the area and can fill in some nice details about many of the features that are being flown over. Those taking part in the helicopter tour will appreciate the speed in getting there as it is over 270 miles from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon when traveling by car. The first glimpse of the canyon leaves the traveler only wanting more, and they are easily satisfied the closer they get. When the helicopter drops down below the walls of the canyon, it is an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere. The flying through the canyon portion of the trip, with the colorful canyon walls whizzing by, is often cited by many people as their favorite part of the experience.

Once inside the canyon, most of the tour companies arrange for their helicopters to land on the canyon floor. This is another way that travelers choosing this method of visiting the Grand Canyon are ahead of others because few who drive to the rim of the canyon ever make the trip down to the canyon floor below. Many tour companies offer a lunch or other meal while in the canyon. Many also land in areas where there are trails leading off into the distance so that travelers can explore a bit of the canyon by foot. After the stay at the canyon is finished, it’s back into the helicopter for the ride home.

The return trip to Las Vegas is not as much of a letdown as most people would think. Leaving the canyon, and rising up from it’s magnificent depth is visually stunning. Again, attention should be paid here to the incredible looking canyon walls and rock formations. The trip goes fast and soon the city of Las Vegas can be seen in the distance. The experience of coming back over a somewhat desolated area of the country and seeing the oasis of the city in the distance and getting closer by the minute makes quite an impact. Depending on what time the return trip is being made, guests may be able to get an impressive look at the city of Las Vegas with all it’s lights on and the night sky as a backdrop.

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While Las Vegas is famous for a number of attractions and things to do, many people don’t even realize that a visit to the Grand Canyon aboard a helicopter is even possible. The casinos and resort hotels on the famous Las Vegas Strip offer an incredible amount of things to do including live music, stage shows, slot machines, live card games, shopping, swimming, fitness areas, eating establishments, and more. There are also other attractions in Las Vegas to see including museums, restaurants, outdoor shows, fountains, and more. All of these are great ways for a traveler to occupy themselves during their stay in Las Vegas, but none of them compare to the memories that will be made during a helicopter tour from the city to the Grand Canyon and back. Touring the Grand Canyon by helicopter is one of the most incredible experiences anyone on a vacation to Las Vegas can experience.

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