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For a truly unique vacation experience, a visit to Malta is something that any traveler will end up enjoying. Malta can provide one of the top vacation experiences in most people’s lives. The island has a unique history and culture that can be absorbed and learned about very easily by interacting with the locals and seeing the historic and cultural sights up close and personal. When it comes to enjoying Malta to it’s fullest though, there is nothing that can substitute for a visit to any of the well equipped and gorgeous beaches that the island nation has to offer. The beaches on the island of Malta offer a wide array of different experiences depending on which one is ventured to. Here is a look at ten of the best beaches worth visiting on a vacation to Malta.

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Ghadira Bay

Located in Mellieha, the beach at Ghadira Bay is one of the most popular waterfront destinations on the island of Malta. The beach area is easily accessible by all kinds of visitors and because of it’s popularity, is the perfect place to go for those that enjoy people watching. The shallow area of the waters here extends far out which makes it a great place for both adults and children to play in the surf. Visitors can bring their own beach equipment or they can rent it from the various vendors there. Beach front bars, cafes, and snack huts are plentiful, helping to make it an extremely fun place for a full day’s worth of activities. Everything from sunbathing to parasailing is available at Ghadira Bay, and all of it is enjoyable by the tourists that repeatedly visit this popular beach destination.

Pretty Bay

The beach at Pretty Bay is a long and sandy stretch of coastline that is popular with locals and travelers as well. This is one of the most popular beaches in the Birzebbugia area and has a great deal of development around it. Visitors to Pretty Bay can take advantage of the adjacent shopping and dining opportunities to end up making their day at the beach even more satisfying than it would have been. For those frequenting the south side of Malta, Pretty Bay is one of the only beach going opportunities available to them. This is because most of the sand on Pretty Beach was originally on the floor of the nearby bay which was dredged so that larger ships could access it. Birzebbugia is a great community and offers a number of other attractions to be seen too. A trip to Pretty Bay is a great way to spend part of a vacation on the island of Malta.

Gnejna Bay

Located on the western side of Malta, Gnejna Bay is a popular beach destination for both locals and traveler visiting the island. The waters at Gnejna Bay are shallow and friendly, offering a perfect opportunity for families with small children to swim and play, and be safe at the very same time. This is one of the beaches that is quite popular with locals but somehow has remained off the beaten path for tourists. This has the added benefit of making the beach at Gnejna Bay one of the least crowded beaches on the island. This is a very nice beach to mix in during a vacation itinerary as it can allow for a peaceful and relaxing time away from the crowds and over developed areas. The nearby village of Mgarr has plenty to offer in the form of restaurants and refreshments.


The beaches along the entire coastline in the Sliema area are all popular with locals and tourists alike. The water is fine for swimming, snorkeling, and playing in, though at times the surf may be rough in some areas for really small children. The beaches are all very near some well developed areas, so getting away for a quick bite to eat or some shelter from the sun is never a problem at all. There are also plenty of beach cafes and bars that will also provide the necessary refreshments that visitors to the beach are in need of. There are actually a number of different beaches in the Sliema area, and each of them is popular and well worth a visit.

Paradise Bay

Located very close to Ghadira Bay, Paradise Bay is very popular with travelers and routinely gets rated as one of the best beaches on Malta. Though it is smaller than some of the other big name beaches on the island, it has plenty of room to offer for both locals and tourists to enjoy their time at the ocean. Paradise Bay is one of the top snorkeling beaches on Malta, and offers a gentle surf and interesting offshore rock outcroppings and undersea features to see. Swimming is also popular in Paradise Bay, thanks to the fact that it is more protected from the ocean currents than many of the other beaches on the island and in the area. While the beach is somewhat remote from hotels and large areas of development, there are plenty of amenities offered here for vacationers to take advantage of.

St. George’s Bay

One of the best beaches on the island of Malta to take children to is the beach at St. George’s Bay. Here there is plenty of sand and very shallow water with a gentle surf. There is also plenty of development at St. George’s Bay, meaning that the tourist is never too far from a rental chair, cool refreshing drink, activity to participate in, or other people to meet and mingle with. The beach at St. George’s Bay is smaller than some of the large popular beaches on Malta, but it is plenty big enough to be enjoyed by the many people that frequent the area.

Mgiebah Bay

For those with a serious interest in water recreational activities like snorkeling, one of the nicest beaches to head to is Mgiebah Bay. This beach area is far from the large crowds of vacationers and is also somewhat hidden away too. The scenery that surrounds the bay is absolutely stunning and adds to the enjoyment that can be had there. There is no surrounding development and little services offered at Mgiebah Bay, but the trade off is that some of the best water for the active vacationer can be found there. Locals treasure Mgiebah Bay for it’s seclusion and beauty, but travelers can take advantage of it and enjoy it for the exact same reasons.

Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay

Located right next to each other in the western region of Malta are the bays of Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay. They are both fairly popular and offer similar features and benefits. The main difference between the two beach areas is that Ghajn Tuffieha is located further away from development, while Golden Bay has one of the nicer hotels in the area located just off it’s sand. Both beaches are popular though and can attract large crowds depending on the time of the day, the day of the week, and the season. The surrounding scenery is one of the things that helps to make both Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay such delightful places to visit. Both beaches have plenty of amenities including rental furniture, games, refreshments, and more.


One of the closest beaches to the boat access only Blue Grotto, Zurrieq is extremely popular with some visitors to the island of Malta. Due to the deep water and lack of shallow areas, this is probably not the best beach on the island for families with small children. On the other hand though, because of the deep water and it’s overall calmness, Zurrieq is at or near the top of the list of beaches for those that are interested in diving and snorkeling. There are plenty of things to see underwater including both rock formations and marine life. This is definitely one of the more interesting beaches on the island as it is vastly different from most of the others there.

Blue Lagoon

Located in the Comino area, the beach on the shores of Blue Lagoon offers a different sort of landscape than most of the other beaches on the island of Malta. While swimming and playing in the water, visitors to the beach will find that the sand beneath their feet is comfortable and fine. On the shore though there is almost no sand to speak of. While this can make walking barefoot somewhat uncomfortable at times, it also means that the vacationer returns to their hotel or cruise ship without all of the sand that normally gets into their belongings following a visit to the beach. There is little development in the area surrounding Blue Lagoon, and few features just off the beach as well, but the beach offers a great time to all that come it’s way and very beautiful scenery to look at while there.

The island of Malta is a fabulous place to vacation to and truly does offer a unique experience that cannot be duplicated in many of the other vacation destination in the Mediterranean Sea region. There are wonderful hotels to stay in, beautiful bays for cruise ships to anchor in, awesome restaurants to dine at, interesting historical sites to see first hand, and more. One of the main things to do though when visiting Malta is head to the beach. The beaches are for the most part right on the many bays that line Malta’s coastline. They are at one time both exciting and beautiful, each one offering a completely different experience than the next. A visit to the beaches of Malta is a great way to make a vacation there the best it can be.

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