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When it comes to finding one of a kind cities to visit, you cannot go wrong by choosing the city of Madrid in Spain. Madrid offers absolutely fabulous restaurants, fun and exciting attractions, great shopping experiences, and much much more. It also offers a number of chances to experience the culture of Spain and understand the city, country, and the people a little better. Without a doubt, Spain, and more specifically the city of Madrid, is one of the top vacation destinations that a traveler should go to on the entire continent of Europe.

The city of Madrid is not only the capital of Spain, but it is the country’s largest city as well. As one would expect from this, it has an incredible array of things it can offer to the many visitors that travel there each and every year. The Manzanares River flows right through the center of Madrid and offers a wonderful setting or background to many of the attractions that are found there. Madrid is filled with religious and historical sites and facilities, many of them open to the public to both use and tour. The city was founded centuries ago and uses it’s wealth of history as a great way to inform and educate those that visit on the history of not only Madrid, but indeed all of Spain. The biggest strength that Madrid has though is the large selection of fun and interesting things to do there, it really does go a long way towards making a visitor have the time of their life during their trip to Madrid.

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Royal Palace of Madrid

One of the top places that must be visited in the historic city of Madrid is the Royal Palace of Madrid. This luxurious building has been home to many important people and events over the course of time and is one of the most astoundingly furnished buildings in the entire city of Spain. There are more than 2,000 rooms in the Royal Palace of Madrid, each of them ornately decorated with expensive items and national treasures. A self guided tour of the palace is available and is worth the relatively modest price charged. A great deal of information can be learned through touring the Royal Palace of Madrid relating to the royal family of the past, the many political changes through the years, and the artwork and culture of Spain. This is by far one of the must visit attractions and a great place for some photographs too.

Plaza Monumental de Toros de las Ventas

Spain’s largest and most popular bull fighting ring can be found in Madrid and is called the Plaza Monumental de Toros de las Ventas. Anyone visiting Spain for the first time must take the time to plan and schedule a bull fight. This public spectacle is a long tradition in Spain, dating back centuries. Today’s bull fights are largely the same as they were long ago, and the crowds of locals are very much enthused and occupied with both the display and the outcome. Seeing a real bull fight in the mecca of bull fighting, the Plaza Monumental de Toros de las Ventas in Madrid is a once in a lifetime experience that should not be passed up.

Zoo Aquarium de la Casa de Campo

A great place for anyone with children to visit, though it is also very interesting for adults too, is the Zoo Aquarium de la Casa de Campo. This zoo facility is extremely large and well laid out. It takes most of an afternoon to cover the entire grounds of the zoo successfully, seeing all or nearly all of the many animals on display there. The zoo is also a great break from the busy city and the seemingly endless array of museums that can be visited. The zoo and aquarium are both well stocked with plenty of exotic and native animals. Kids will love to see the animals close up, especially during feeding time when there is somewhat of a public display put on. There is also an opportunity for children to have a hands-on experience as part of a petting zoo. A visit to the Zoo Aquarium de la Casa de Campo can definitely be one of the highlights, or welcome reliefs, to any visit to the city of Madrid.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is widely regarded as the best museum in Madrid, and that is saying something. The museum allows a visitor to see a wide variety of examples of artwork spanning the last seven centuries, and to do so all in about half of a day. While the Prado may be more famous in the museum world, it cannot compete with both the diverseness of the collection and the intimateness offered by the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Whether a traveler is a history buff or an art enthusiast, they will be enthralled with a visit to this incredibly stocked and well maintained art museum. Part of the joy of traveling to the nations of Europe is getting the chance to sample culture and history that stretches back more than just 200 or so years. A visit to the Thyssen-Bomemisza Museum brings just that type of experience straight to the traveler visiting Madrid.

Retiro Park

When a visit to Madrid has run a few days and a traveler is looking for a peaceful place to relax and soak up the local atmosphere, there is no better place to go than to Retiro Park. Of all of the natural scenic areas in Madrid to enjoy, Retiro Park is one of the most loved by the locals. The park is situated on a large lake which also welcomes visitors to it. There are many activities to participate in when in the park including walking, jogging, boating, swimming, and more. There is plenty of open space and the setting is absolutely gorgeous. Retiro Park is regularly rated as one of the top places in Madrid to experience by travelers who have visited the city. From relaxing to being active, Retiro Park is just the thing for almost everyone visiting the city of Madrid.

A visit to Madrid has a great possibility of being one of the highlights of not only the current vacation, but of any vacation a traveler has ever taken. The food available in Madrid is something to be savored and fawned over. The nightlife in the city is one of the things that keeps visitors and tourists coming back again and again. For those looking to take advantage of the religious, cultural, and historical attractions in and around Madrid, there is plenty available there too. The city of Madrid is unlike any other international city in the world. The things it offers to do and the experiences that can be had there will stay with a vacationer for the rest of their life. A visit to the city of Madrid is a great idea for anyone exploring different options for how to spend their precious vacation time.

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