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One of the most beautiful and rewarding island nations in the entire Caribbean Sea to visit is the country of the Dominican Republic. Though it doesn’t usually rank at the top of the list of Caribbean vacation destinations, it happens to be one of the best off the beaten path destinations in the region. The Dominican Republic offers great weather, beautiful scenery, and so much more. But, one of the best times to visit there and experience not only everything the country has to offer, but also a serious amount of culture from the island is during one of their many local festivals and celebrations. To experience the Dominican cheaply, get the best discounts by using travelocity promotional discounts to the Dominican Republic. Travelocity offers some great discounts to the Dominican due to their bulk hotel purchases. Cheapcaribbean also offers great discounts to the caribbean. Use cheapcaribbean promo codes to get great rates.

Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

Held on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival is one of the liveliest festivals in the region. Both local and international musicians are featured at the festival, and it is one of the top experiences of a trip to the Dominican Republic for both the performers and those attending the festival as spectators. The festival is so popular that it is attended by jazz music lovers from around the world. There is more to the festival than just music too, as the organizers have worked hard to also incorporate both the artwork and the culture of the region into the celebration. There are also classes and workshops to attend too that give some even that much more reason to attend the festival. The combination of the sound of great jazz music combined with the colors and flavors of the Dominican culture make the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival a one of a kind event to attend.

Merengue Festival

Usually held during the first week of October, the Merengue Festival is a harvest related celebration that is very popular. Visitors vacationing in the Dominican Republic during the Merengue Festival will find that they get to partake of some wonderful tasting freshly grown produce and at the same time experience some great examples of Dominican culture. There are usually open markets set up in the streets and live music, as well as other types of performances, as well. This festival puts an emphasis on education, so visitors and locals both are given the opportunity to see exactly how certain crops are grown and specific crafts are made.

Dominican Republic International Film Festival

One of the big celebrations that has attracted people from around the world, even though it is still quite young, is the Dominican Republic International Film Festival. The festival is held on Cofresi Beach and features a great many screenings of both popular and little known films. This is a unique opportunity to not only see some great movies, but also enjoy them in an environment that is second to none when it comes to beauty and relaxation. In addition to the film screenings, there are also VIP events, outdoor dinners, classes, historical exhibits, and discussion groups too. This is the perfect event to head to for anyone with an interest in film, who also would like to vacation in an exotic and beautiful land.

La Vega Carnival

Running from January clean through to March, the La Vega Carnival in the Dominican Republic is not only one of the larger and more popular carnival celebrations in the region, it is also one of the longest. Everything one would expect to find in an island carnival celebration is there for the taking. There are incredible outdoor performances done by musical groups, dance groups, and other kinds of performers. There are also a number of opportunities to sample the cuisine of the Dominican Republic too, with celebrations happening indoors in some of the more popular restaurants, as well as outdoors where there are food booths and street vendors selling their products. There is nothing quite like a carnival celebration, and the La Vega Carnival celebration in the Dominican Republic proves that well.


Many countries and cultures celebrate Christmas, but very few do so in the same way that the Dominican Republic does. Christmas in the Dominican Republic is somewhat mild due to the Caribbean location. Though there is no snow, it is still very much a holiday season worth celebrating. The Christmas celebration begins in the early part of December and last clear through to January 6th. This is one of the top ways for anyone seeking a unique holiday experience this winter to choose to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

World Cup Windsurfing

The Dominican Republic is known the world over as one of the top windsurfing destinations on Earth. The wind is near constant and the water is wide and open, making for a perfect place to hold a big name competition. That is exactly what comes to the Dominican Republic during the month of June when a World Cup caliber event is held there. The world’s best amateur and professional windsurfers flock to the Dominican Republic to compete and watch this World Cup Windsurfing event. For the vacationer vising the island during this time, they can not only enjoy the competition on the water, but also the many different types of spillover celebrations that spring up all along the beach area and in the local communities. These other featured attractions that occur during the windsurfing event include food fairs, craft exhibits, concerts, beach volleyball matches, and fiestas. For the active person, there is nothing quite like visiting the Dominican Republic during the World Cup Windsurfing event.

Cabarete Alegra

Held during the month of February in the community of Cabarete each year is the Cabarete Alegra celebration. The unique part of this celebration is that each weekend features a different festival where locals and guests visiting the area pour out onto the streets and have a fun, exciting, and sometimes even wild time. The different festival events that occur on the different weekends include a sand castle building competition, mountain bike races, kite flying festival, as well as a surfing and windsurfing competition at the local beach. The length of this festival, and the fact that it is largely held on the weekends, make it a perfect thing for vacationers to aim at attending. Like most festivals in the region, this one is also accompanied by live music, stage performances, outdoor fiestas, and of course great food. Cabarete Alegra is a definite festival worth shooting for when planning a vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo Carnival

The Santo Domingo Carnival is celebrated throughout the Dominican Republic and is one of the more popular celebrations with locals. This is one of the best opportunities for those from outside the country to see the fabulous costumes, masks, and dances associated with carnivals in the region. At the end of the festival, people from all over crowd the streets in the form of a parade, each wearing bright colors and participating in dances and songs that show the heritage of the people of the island. The sight of the Santo Domingo Carnival being celebrated during it’s peak times is something that will not soon be forgotten by the lucky traveler making the trip to the Dominican Republic during that time.

There are many great reasons for traveling to the Dominican Republic. The weather is delightful, the landscape and natural scenery are gorgeous, there are some incredible beaches to visit, the access to the water allows for some wonderful experiences, and the culture is something that should really be experienced. One of the best times to visit the Dominican Republic to experience all of these things is during the same time that the nation, or a region or community, is in full celebration of one of their many festivals. There really is nothing quite like experiencing the Dominican Republic during a popular festival, anyone thinking of going there should adjust their schedule to include one.

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