Visiting The Landmarks Of New York City’s Staten Island

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New York City is filled with a number of worthwhile and interesting destinations and attractions.  In fact, there are so many things to see and do in the city that it is often easy to overlook some of the city’s features that are often not thought of right away.  One of the least frequented areas of New York City by tourists coming there is Staten Island.  The island has many difference from the rest of the city, primarily being that it is more residential in nature.  There are also a number of historically important landmarks located on the island that are often not visited by those coming to the city.  Many of them are extremely interesting though and serve as great reminders of the city’s days gone by.  Here is a look at ten Staten Island landmarks and what makes them particularly notable.

Staten Island Lighthouse

Staten Island Lighthouse. Photo by: howlongittakes

The Staten Island Lighthouse is a navigation aid that combines with the West Bank Lighthouse to help ships navigate through Lower New York Bay.  The range light sits atop a 90 foot tower on Staten Island’s Richmond Hill, known by locals as Lighthouse Hill.  The light cast from the range light atop the lighthouse can be seen for eighteen miles.

Akerly Homestead

One of the more interesting figures in journalism and landscape design from the 1800s was Frederick Law Olmstead.  He is responsible for a number of popular outdoor landscape designs including work done on Central Park, the Niagara Reservation, Belle Isle Park, Washington Park, and a number of private estates.  Akerly Homestead was Olmstead’s home during his younger days and he made a number of changes to the farmhouse and the surrounding grounds to that can be appreciated by tourists and those interested in history today.




Abraham Manee House

Abraham Manee House. Photo by: howlongittakes

Sitting on the south shore of Staten Island, the Abraham Manee House is a Colonial Dutch style home that was named a New York City landmark in 1984.  People sometimes forget that the New York City area was originally settled by the Dutch and this is thought to be the oldest standing Dutch structure on Staten Island.

Voorlezer’s House

This simple clapboard frame house in Staten Island’s historic Richmond Town is the oldest known schoolhouse in all of America.  The building of the home was undertaken in the late 1600s and it is now owned and operated by the Staten Island Historical Society.  Viewing this historic structure is a great way to experience early American architecture and construction techniques.

Fort Tompkins
First fortified in the earliest days of of pre-Revolutionary War America, Fort Tomkins played an important role during the American Revolution.  It housed troops and weapons during the formative years of the country and today remains a wonderful place to see what that era was really like.  This site is of particular interest to those with a love for military history.

Seguine Mansion

The Seguine Mansion, sometimes referred to as the J.H. Seguine House, is situated on the southern shore of Staten Island.  The home is done architecturally in the Greek Revival style with six large pillars lining the front facade.  The home was built in 1838 by Joseph H. Seguine who would go on to found several local businesses including the Staten Island Railroad company.  Today, the home is owned and managed by the New York City Parks Department.

Treasure House

Dating to approximately 1700, the Treasure House was built by Samuel Grasset and served over the years as an inn, among other businesses.  The house received its peculiar name from a legend that a treasure trove of gold coins dating to the American Revolutionary War era were found there during extensive renovation and remodeling that took place in the mid 1800s.

Battery Weed

A three tiered structure built facing the Narrows, Battery Weed was a military outpost that originally went by the name Fort Richmond.  It was built in the mid 1800s and was included with Fort Tompkins which were both collectively referred to as Fort Wadsworth for a number of years.  An operational lighthouse that was installed in 1903 on the walls of Battery Week has been restored and now runs on solar power.  The exterior passages and battery walls are accessible to the public at anytime, and tours of the interior are given by park rangers.

Christopher House

The Christopher House is a farmhouse built of locally quarried stone that was built on the estate of Provincial Governor Thomas Donegan who served in that position during the 1680s.  The stone farmhouse was later moved to the site of Historic Richmond Town and is now a very interesting and somewhat popular attraction in the area.

Conference House

Built in the late 1600s, the Conference House is located overlooking Raritan Bay and has been kept in an amazing state.  This Dutch Colonial style stone home is gorgeous and has an interesting history.  In late 1776, a peace conference was held with the purpose being finding an amicable ending to the American Revolutionary War that was being fought with the British.  These meetings, attended by Benjamin Franklin and future second President of the United States John Adams, were called the Staten Island Peace Conference and were held here in the Conference House.  This home is referred to by many to be the only remaining pre-Revolutionary manor house to still be standing in New York City.

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Staten Island is a truly unique destination, even when compared to the rest of New York City.  There are a number of interesting places to visit on the island, with many catering to those who have an appreciation for the great outdoors or historical sites in general.  Staten Island offers a completely different experience than most of the other areas of New York City and should definitely be visited by those that are either new to the city, or are coming there for the first time.  Viewing the landmarks available for visitation on Staten Island is a great way to experience the flavor of the area’s present and past.

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