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There are a number of great reasons to visit a truly international city like Toronto, Ontario. The city has played a unique and important role in the history of Ontario and all of Canada. There are a number of great attractions, many of them culturally important, in the city that are very inviting to tourists with an interest in history, the arts, and architecture. While visiting Toronto though, a traveler would be remiss if they did not take advantage of what has become one of the best cities in the world when it comes to the quality of eating establishments offered. Toronto has been gaining a reputation in recent years as one of the best cities for eating out. Here is a look at ten restaurants that will help make the most out of a traveler’s dining out time while in the city of Toronto, Ontario.

Auberge Du Pommier
One of the most famous and well thought of French restaurants in all of Toronto is Auberge Du Pommier. This upscale restaurant is perfect for couples and business associates as well. In fact it is a great choice for anyone with a love for fine French cuisine. They are also well known for their fine selection of wine too.

Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar
A great way for a visitor from out of town to experience a signature Toronto dining experience is to dine out at the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar. There are both international and local dishes offered here which is actually a great representation of the city itself. Customers rave about everything from the wine list to the dessert, but the main reason for going to the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar is to sample the main dishes which are all very delicious.

Embrujo Flamenco Tapas Bar
The Embrujo Flamenco Tapas Bar offers some of the most delectable Spanish cuisine in the entire city of Toronto. From the paella, to the seafood, to the tapas, everything seems as if it is top notch and perfectly made to order. For those that are unfamiliar with Spanish cuisine, the restaurant offers a number of great options that allow timid diners to safely explore their palates.

Lai Wah Heen
For those who are visiting Toronto and want to experience Chinese cuisine, there is no better place than Lai Wah Heen. Many locals rate this as their favorite restaurant in town, not just favorite Chinese restaurant either. The meals are generous in their portion size and actually fairly priced too. The dish that continues to get rave reviews is the dim sum. Visitors to Toronto with an appreciation for Chinese food will love a visit to Lai Wah Heen.

Dufflet Pastries
With the huge French influence in Toronto, a visit to the city would not be complete without a visit to a true French pastry restaurant. One of the best in the city is Dufflet Pastries, which offers all of the things everyone would ever expect of such a place, and so much more. The prices are reasonable at Dufflet Pastries too, which means those wanting to take an extra tart home for later have no problem doing so.

Barberian’s Steak House
Sometimes, the only meal that seems to fit a visitor’s needs is a nice, juicy, well cooked steak. One of the best places in Toronto to get a steak is at Barberian’s Steak House. This is a fine option for couples, business associates, and families too. The food offered at Barberian’s Steak House is cooked well in every way. More than steaks are available there too as the restaurant offers a fine selection of seafood.

Prego della Piazza
Though it is one of the more upscale and exclusive restaurants in Toronto, when it comes to finding the best Italian food in the city, a visitor need look no further than Prego della Piazza. All of the more discriminating diner’s favorite Italian meals are served here, plus a number of house specialties as well. The wine list is raved about by those that frequent the establishment, and the staff is helpful and friendly. Patio seating is available which only adds to the overall wonderful experience of dining at Prego della Piazza.

Splendido Bar & Grill
When visitors to Toronto are looking for an escape from the finer dining options that the city is famous for, a great place to go that offers wonderful food and a more casual atmosphere is the Splendido Bar & Grill. Here travelers can try everything from steaks to seafood, and even some well made potato or pasta dishes too. The appetizers are extremely popular and so are the many different beers, wines, and drinks offered there.

Another of the many wonderful French restaurants in Toronto is Celestin. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the staff is very friendly and helpful for those who are unsure of what to order. The food is absolutely excellent and a meal here will be remembered as one of the high points of a visit to the city. Toronto is known for their many highly rated French restaurants, and Celestin is one of the best.

Rodney’s Oyster House
Rodney’s Oyster House offers a great experience for the whole family should what the family wants be some of the best seafood in all of Toronto. Carrying dishes that include lobster, clams, salmon, and of course their signature oysters, Rodney’s Oyster House knows how to give seafood lovers exactly what they are looking for. The atmosphere is very friendly and the staff is fun to interact with as well.

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A visit to Toronto means a number of things to a number of different people. For some it is a chance to visit some of the best art galleries and museums in North America. For others it is an opportunity to see first hand an interesting and historical city. For many though, a big part of visiting Toronto is the chance to experience some of the best restaurants in the western hemisphere. Toronto has a well deserved reputation as being a place that those who appreciate good food will love. A visit to Toronto is the perfect opportunity to experience some of the great foods that are currently being mae in the world’s top restaurants.

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