Why You Should Visit Auckland, New Zealand

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One of the most spectacular countries to visit during a vacation is the nation of New Zealand. New Zealand is located to the east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean and it offers some of the most diverse experiences that can be had anywhere. There are a number of specific destinations within New Zealand that are worth traveling to, each offering a completely different experience than the next. One of the nicest places to go to that offers a wide variety of experiences is the Auckland area.

The city of Auckland sits on New Zealand’s North Island and is the country’s population hub. More people live in Auckland and the surrounding metropolitan area than anywhere else in the country. Auckland has a fascinating history that dates back to the earliest days of the country. In fact, long before a city sprung up where Auckland is right now, it was home to the indigenous people of the island. Auckland was an important city in the early years of New Zealand, even serving as the capital city in the mid 1800s before it was relocated to the city of Wellington. Auckland has grown into an international city with a number of things to offer the traveler heading to New Zealand. In fact, there is something for nearly everyone who visits the Auckland area of the country.

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Every kind of accommodations imaginable are available for travelers heading to Auckland. From hostels, to hotels, to resorts and more. For long term stays, there are even a number of great companies that handle the rental of condos and vacation homes. Some of the more popular accommodations in the Auckland area include The Langham, Hotel DeBrett, Mollies, Skycity Grand Hotel, Barrycourt, Stamford Plaza Auckland, Westin Auckland Lightery Quay, Hilton Auckland, Quay West Suites, and Sebel Suites.

Dining out and finding something incredibly good to eat is not a problem for the lucky traveler that chooses Auckland as their destination. From restaurants that serve dishes that distinctively pull from the New Zealand history and culture to restaurants that specialize in different cuisines from around the world, Auckland is blessed with a number of great places to eat. The available eating establishments offer something for every budget and taste. Some of the restaurants that definitely deserve to be sampled include O’connell St. Bistro, Euro, Sake Bar Rikka, Clooney Restaurant, Canton Cafe, Wildfire, Kermadec Ocean Fresh Restaurant, Mekong Neua Thai Restaurant, The French Cafe, Mikano, Tony’s Restaurant & Bar, and SPQR Cafe & Bar.

Auckland is the perfect destination for someone with a love for the outdoors and who wants to spend at least part of their vacation getting out and being active. One of the best activities to take part in for anyone coming to the area for the first time is definitely one of the many tour options available. Tours of Auckland and the surrounding area are available on foot, by car, by bus, by boat, by Segway, by helicopter, and more. Among the other possible activities to participate in in the area are wilderness walks, bungee jumping, hiking, fishing, boating, snorkeling, diving, sailing, and much much more.

When it comes to scenic sights, interesting museums, historic buildings, and other attractions, Auckland is definitely a place that knows how to give it’s visitors exactly what they want. From the quiet and reserved attractions that appeal to those seeking a more cultural experience to the fascinating and exciting attractions that are more appealing to the adventurous and the youthful, Auckland has a great amount of things to see both in it and very nearby. Some of the attractions that prove to be very popular with travelers include the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, Sky Tower, Auckland Museum, Albert Park, Auckland Zoo, Coast to Coast Walkway, One Tree Hill, Mount Eden, Cornwall Park, Waitakere Ranges, SkyJump, Rainbow’s End Theme Park, Parnell, and Rangitoto Island.

A visit to New Zealand is one of the most spectacular vacations that anyone could ever take. The city of Auckland is the perfect choice for vacationers too as it offers a great deal of options and something for everyone to enjoy regardless of their background, interests, or traveling circumstances. A visitor coming to the city of Auckland can enjoy the best in hotels, wonderful food, incredible activities, and an interesting time seeing some of the important natural and historic local sights. Very few people trek to Auckland and end up disappointed as it satisfies even the pickiest of travelers.

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